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Makeup On Location Pricing

(our pricing structure changed as of May 2019, any bride booked before June 2019 should follow previous pricing guide)

Bridal Experience

  1. $50 Reservation Fee to hold your date for your ENTIRE wedding party! (Paid online, up to a year in advance)

  2. $65 Bridal Preview Session - 1-2 hours to perfect your look for the wedding day.

  3. $65 Wedding Day Makeup- On location wedding day service

    Total Cost for Brides Makeup - $180 total

Bridal Makeup comes complimentary with the option of traditional OR airbrush foundation, complimentary waterproofing, and complimentary lashes.  For lip color,we encourage EVERYONE in the bridal party including the bride to bring a color of choice with them so they have it available for touch up. Each day an artist is booked, will be treated as a new event so a Reservation Fee will be assessed per day you book a Glossa artist. Artist MAY be available to come on location for pre-wedding events such as rehearsal dinner as well, just ask for a specific quote.

Carmen Is a Master Artist for Glossa. Booking Carmen, the price structure is a little greater. If you specifically wish to be booked with Carmen, please let us know!  Her rates are as follows:  Bride - $50 Bridal Reservation Fee, $75 at the trial run, $75 day of wedding = $200 total for Bride (airbrush and lashes included)  Bridesmaids - $75 day of wedding (additional $10 for lashes, $15 for airbrush)

Carmen Is a Master Artist for Glossa. Booking Carmen, the price structure is a little greater. If you specifically wish to be booked with Carmen, please let us know!

Her rates are as follows:

Bride - $50 Bridal Reservation Fee, $75 at the trial run, $75 day of wedding = $200 total for Bride (airbrush and lashes included)

Bridesmaids - $75 day of wedding (additional $10 for lashes, $15 for airbrush)

Others in the Wedding Party

Bridesmaids - $65

Mothers/Grandmothers - $65

Anyone associated with wedding party - $65

*Partial face applications can be an option based on the number of people you have, ask for more details*

Additional services as add ons for Wedding Party: 

Preview session for anyone other than bride - $65

Lashes (individual or strip) - $10

Airbrush - $15 (solo application of airbrush not accompanied with full face makeup $30)
On location Special Event Makeup

Lashes an airbrush are included for the Bride but NOT for the bridal party, this is an optional service. Have a special event? We can come to your home and get you ready! - $100  includes lashes, choice of airbrush or traditional foundation and travel fee


Interested in booking Bridal Hair as well? Click the button below for more information and pricing!


TRAVEL/ ON LOCATION FEE - We do all our weddings on location FREE with a 3 face plus bride booking, same goes for hair. First 30 miles are free, after that $0.75 per mile to be charged. The travel fee covers most areas in 275 loop of Cincinnati. We go out of town for on-location weddings as well. If there are less than 3 faces plus the bride a travel fee each way to and from Megan Morgan salon may be assessed. If you are getting ready at a hotel or situation that requires payment for valet parking, the cost of parking shall be billed to the bride (No, we aren’t being “fancy” by parking valet, we have so much gear to carry when we are traveling on location this is easiest on the artist in an urban setting).

Do Glossa artists travel outside of Cincinnati? YES! More extensive travel quotes “out of town” can be given as well as two and three day events where the artist is required to stay overnight. We can also customize day rates for weddings for a more VIP experience so please reach out for specifics.

MINIMUM FACE FEE - A “bridal party” can be anyone….mothers, grandmothers, friends, cousins…anyone. We require 3 faces in ADDITION the Bride for FREE on-location travel. If there are fewer than 3 faces plus the bride, there is a $50 fee in addition to a the full travel fee from Megan Morgan Salon to the getting ready location and back….most places in Cincinnati this ends up being about $10 for a travel fee in addition to the $50. Why the fee? When we book our artists for weddings we only book ONE wedding per day, so if we block off a whole day to an artist/stylist and there are less than 3 faces, it helps compensate for blocking off the whole day.

TOUCH UP FEE - Your artist may be able to stay for touch ups if needed. Touch Ups are $75 - $100 per hour depending on the artist. A touch up is considered light powdering, reapplication of lip products, adding a little blush or bronzer here or there, fixing eyeliner….those sorts of light things not reapplication. An additional fee may be assessed to anyone wanting a touch up in addition to the hourly rate if they did not have their makeup originally done by the Glossa artist. Touch up hours are booked on the hour so if an artist is present for an additional hour and 30 min, 2 hours will be billed. If there is a time gap in between the finish time of the original applications and touch up time a fee may be assessed based on the time the artist needs to stay “in holding” to wait to do touch ups. (Example, your makeup finish for the wedding at 2pm and you need the artist to come back at 5pm for touch ups from 5pm - 6pm before the reception….a fee from $50 - $100 will be charged to compensate for the 3 hour time block they were waiting in addition to the fee for the hour of touch ups). Touch ups may be done at a different location than original application, but an additional parking or travel fee may apply depending on situation. Each situation is a little different for each artist availability and the circumstance so please reach out directly for a quote for your specific event.

HOLIDAY FEE - We understand that holidays are a BIG time to get married, but this is also a time that our artists would like to be with their families as well. If you are getting married on a holiday weekend, there is an additional $25 fee for being available to work on a Holiday. (Believe it or not, we have worked on Christmas DAY before).



Engagement Photos, Bachelorette Party, Bridal Shower Makeup , Rehearsal Dinner application

$75 (in home for any of these is $100)

Do-It-Yourself Bride
60 minute consultation and instruction on creating the perfect look for your wedding day



Tattoo Conceal - 

Available as an addition to a booked bridal service. 

Starts at $30 and up depending on size and time. Inquire for specific pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions


How does Glossa booking work? 

Send us an email to see if an artist is available for your date! When we respond, Lyndsey will connect you with the artist/hair stylist that is available. You will communicate with that artist directly with any questions you have, about setting up a trial run date/time and timeline for your wedding. WHEN YOU ARE READY TO BOOK, Lyndsey will email you a link to a PayPal invoice you can pay with any form of Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal balance.  WHEN YOU ARE READY TO FILL OUT THE CONTRACT - We have webforms available on the Glossa Weddings Page (at the bottom ), after you fill them out you and your artist will receive a copy of the contract/form for your records.

I have seen makeup artists advertised online that appear to be cheaper, what is the difference in makeup artists that charge less?
 We love this question...Our artists are all extremely experienced artists with professional training. We have worked very hard to study every aspect of artistry including lighting and photography to make sure you look your absolute best in your wedding pictures. We know what looks good on all different skin types because we have worked with people of all races and ethnicities. We have a combine experience of over 30 years in the makeup industry. Our artists have worked with professional artistry companies and highly respected makeup artists in the TV and Film industry. We bring to you experience, professionalism and best of all amazing "camera ready" makeup. With that said, our prices reflect our experience. We are priced to meet the standard in the professional on location market. What kind of makeup do you use? We do not sell makeup, so we are not committed to using one line. We use all high end makeup. Having your makeup done is a luxury experience so our products reflect that. Some brands we use include YSL, Chanel, Makeup Forever, Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Trish McEvoy, MAC, NARS , Smashbox and more. We also integrate products that are used in the TV/Film industry...and we may throw in a few drug store brands occasionally.

What is the difference between traditional and airbrush application? 
Airbrushing is a process where the foundation is pumped through an air machine. It is a lighter weight feel. Although all Glossa foundation is long wearing, some may prefer the application of an airbrush gun versus a brush. Please check out our blog for the pros and cons of using airbrushing. ( It is an upgraded fee for party members. 

When do I schedule a trial run? 
Anytime! We can do one a year in advance to a month before the wedding. We do trial runs typically on week days and evenings. You will connect with your artist directly to see what works for you both.

Can I do a trial run before I make a deposit? 
Yes! Your date is not set "in stone" without a deposit made however. The trial run is $65 and if you choose to book, will apply toward your total cost of $180.

Can my mom have a trial as well? 
Sure! Anyone can have a trial who wants one. It is $65 per trial.

Can my bridesmaids pay individually? 
Absolutely! When you sign the contract you will put down how many bridesmaids you are committing to have their makeup applied. Even if your bridesmaids pay separately, you are ultimately responsible (whomever signs the contract) for their payment whether or not they back out or don't have payment available.

How much time do you plan per person? 

All artists are different, but Glossa artists have it down to a science to make your wedding day go smoothly.  We schedule 30 min per face and 45 min for the Bride.  Sometimes people don't think that it is enough time however, we promise that we know what we are doing.  You can request more time per person, however if it requires another artist, the second artist fee policy will apply.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific wedding party needs.  

"Our hair stylist is bringing two people, why isn't makeup?" ? 

This is a question we get a lot and the answer is simple. Makeup and hair are very different.  Hair takes a lot longer depending on the thickness and style of hair.  People have lots of options for hair styling that may be more intricate so hairstylists simply need to plan more time per client than we do.  Makeup, can be pretty predictable.  Sure, a client may have problematic skin but there isn't typically circumstances that need more time, just a different application process.  Therefore, we KNOW how much time we need per person unless you report to us extreme conditions like burns or scarring that may need more time and attention.  

Can I book Multiple Artists? 

Of course! If you think you may need a second artist, let the primary artist you are connected with know and she can arrange that for you.

How do  I know if I have a large wedding party? 

We consider 3 faces - 8 faces an average size party and if you have a normal timeline one artist can accommodate the Bride plus this party. A large party is 9 faces and up and may require a second artist.  The Bride is not included in these numbers.  

Can I pay in advance for my wedding day makeup? 
Yep! We will take payment at anytime and give you a receipt (typically emailed after the service) if requested.

What form of payments do you take? 

Cash and Check are best for all of our artists take them of course, some take Venmo.

Where do I go for a trial run? 
We will either arrange to come to you (an additional fee may apply depending on where you live, typically $15-$25 extra) or we can meet you at Megan Morgan Salon. Your artist will work with you directly on what the best option is for this.