To Know for Trial Run

Here are some things you need to know about your trial run: 

1. Location: Our address is 3137 Riverside Dr Cincinnati Oh 45226....there is an Eros Salon Sign out front of the building.  The studio looks like a house and we keep the door locked most the time so just ring the door when you arrive.  There is parking on the street in front or if that is full, there is a parking area around back.  

2. Payment: We accept cash, check or Venmo.  Some artists can take card, it is safest to bring other form of payment.  If you do use a card, there is a small fee attached to cover the processing fees.  Payment for the trial run is $60, if you booked your TRIAL RUN appointment online, you paid half up front so your balance is $30.  

3. Cancellation: If you need to cancel your appointment, that is ok....if it is within the 24 hours of your appointment, half of the cost of your appointment ($30) is still due to the artist.  

4. Communication: Sometimes wearing makeup when you aren't used to it can be a shock, or even having someone else do it when you are used to doing it yourself.  Talk to us about it at the time of the trial run! That is what we are there for.  We would be glad to adjust your makeup at the time of service to see if another option would work better for you.  It may seem difficult at times to be open and honest with artists but we hope to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  AFTER your appointment, be sure to take note if there is anything you want different the day of the wedding. Everything is adjustable, its JUST makeup...its's FUN!! If you have any issues, questions or concerns you can always reach out to Lyndsey at can help you problem solve or bridge the gap in communication.  


5. Pictures - Here is a DO and DONT for choosing your photos to show your artist of what you like....

DO - Bring pics of YOU when YOU do your makeup on special occasions so we can see what you normally look like.   

DON'T - Assume makeup will look the exact same on you as it does in pictures of others 

DO - choose pics of people who look like you to see how their makeup looks (if you have red hair and fair skin, choose pics of women's makeup who have red hair and fair skin.  If you are in your 40's choose makeup of someone who is in their 40's.)

DON'T - Choose a look that is going to be dated....trends come and go but your wedding pictures are forever so choose something that is timeless.  

DO - Be open to your artists suggestions of what is going to look best on your face.  Be prepared to talk through your pictures for the fist few min of your appointment.  A lot of times when people are trying to communiate makeup, they may say one thing but mean another so it is important for us to talk through your lingo to make sure we are on the same page.

6. How do you know if airbrush is right for you.......

The airbrushing thing for brides has gotten a bit out of control, there is a lot of confusion so let us explain how we do it at Glossa.  You may have had airbrush in the past. We have no idea what that artist used but  all airbrush formulations are NOT created equal and airbrush was NOT meant for all skin types. Just because your foundation is applied with an airbrush DOES NOT mean that it doesn't feel like you have makeup on.  Some artists use a formula that is "light" as a tinted moisturizer but it also doesn't have the same long wearing qualities of what airbrush was intended for .   We do not believe airbrush is best utilized in this way.  The formulations we use at Glossa are fuller coverage and have a strong alcohol base to them which helps them last a really long time.  This also means that when we spray them on you you cannot touch your face until it is dry.  This is the formulation that is used on Professional TV/film settings and is more of  what airbrush was intended for.  We have used our airbrushing in commercials before to cover tattoos, that's the coverage amount on the brands we use.   IF YOU DO NOT USUALLY WEAR MUCH MAKEUP WE DO NOT SUGGEST AIRBRUSH.  You are going to think the coverage is too much.  REMEMBER, at Glossa we have a WATERPROOFING process that we can make ANY formulation of foundation waterproofed and long wearing even high end brands like YSL, Chanel and Bobbi Brown.  If you don't wear a lot of makeup, we suggest a tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundation  with the waterproofing on top.  This is important information for members of your wedding party to know as well so that they are satisfied with the coverage.  Airbrushing is complimentary to the Bride but it is $15 extra for wedding party members.  


HAVE A GREAT TIME!!! These are the best days of your wedding planning!!!