Q and A

Glossa is a unique business, so we asked some questions about it to owner Lyndsey Yeager.  Also, here are some tips on Navigating our site...there is a LOT to learn about, so let us guide you through! 

Q: What does Glossa Mean? 

A: Well, that is a two part question....the WORD Glossa means "Language" in Greek.  It relates to working in the makeup industry because we as makeup artists speak the language of Beauty to our clients.  Secondly, what the business Glossa means is that we are a collective group of artists who have come together to create a level of professionalism, to grow with each other in our artistry practice and to serve our clients. In LA, I was used to seeing people "represented" by agencies and makeup artists working together but when I came back to Cincinnati, this didn't exist. So I created it! 

Q: Why should someone book with Glossa? 

A: Other than the obvious, that we are amazing makeup artists...we function at a professional level and we have measures that offer security to our clients; forms, contracts, contacts, online booking confirmations, and protocol.  It is no secret that makeup artists can be FLAKY (after all they are artist at heart). I have had HORROR stories of clients who's makeup artist cancelled on them, showed up unprofessional or worse, didn't show up at all.  This would never happen with Glossa because of our level of professionalism....that kind of security is worth so much in an unsecured world.  

Q: How do I know who I am going to work with? 

A: We will let you know when you book who you will be working with.  Primarily our artists have "areas" that they pretty much work in.  Although we all cross over, we try to divide up the specialties so that we can be focused on certain aspects of the business.  

Lyndsey - Commercial, Production and Transformative Makeup 

Carmen - Bridal Specialist 

Angela - Lessons, Parties and Events/Weddings 

Stephanie - Teen Services, Makeup and Hair Combo services, In Studio Services 

Jason - Special Effects and Production 

Melissa - Fitness Competitions, Makeup and Hair Combo Services 

Amanda - Kids Parties 


Q: In the off chance I don't feel like I work well with my artist, what do I do? 

A: I doubt that will happen, BUT if this were to happen all of us artists have a saying that 3 people can try on a size 7 shoe and each person will feel the fit of the shoe differently.  This is the benefit of working with Glossa, we have options of artists that will meet your preferences.  Let Lyndsey know of any concerns and I will be sure to take care of it for you. 


How do we figure your site out? 

1. Play around, click the categories that interest you! 

2. If you want to BOOK a service - click on BOOK and fill out the form.  Some questions may not apply to your situation, but fill out to the best of your ability.  You will put in a credit card number for the deposit, and you will recieve a confirmation after the appointment time has been approved.  

3. If you have any questions, you can contact us from the contact form. 

4. Check out our blog!! We have awesome content and you can click on things to purchase right from our site.