How do our promo codes work? 

Like a enter the code at the time of check out on the booking form.  We then will review your form and if your code is a valid code, we refund you the value of the code.  You will get a confirmation of the refund separate from STRIPE our processing company.  

How long does the refund take to charge back to the card? 

Most of the time a few business days, although the company says it could be 5-10 business days.  

What is the value of the Promo code? 

It depends...some are for $5-10 and some are for $20.  It just depends on the show and what the code is for....a promotional period, a team, an individual or other.  

How do I get a promo code? 

Promo codes are offered on social media specials or through a trainer/team you may be working with.  Not all shows have promo codes.  AND most have time restrictions on them. Make sure you are following us on social media to stay up to date and not miss out on a discount.  

Why does my show NOT have a Promo code? 

Some shows we have to stay firm on our fees depending on travel for our artists and if we have sponsorship fees associated with the show. We try to always be as fair as possible and offer discounts when we can.  We understand that this is an EXPENSIVE sport, so if we can make it easier on you we absolutely will.  Unlike other companies, we always have you and you $$$ in consideration.  

I am a trainer, coach, part of a team or have general influence on social do I get a promo code for our group to book? 

Contact owner Lyndsey at and she will fill you in on the requirements to get a promo code for individuals looking to promote for us and trainers/coaches/teams for mass booking!