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Want to be a Makeup Artist? 

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Interested in BECOMING a makeup artist? 

We get lots of ladies and gentleman interested in a makeup career but aren't sure where to start or even sure if it is the right fit for them.  We provide the following personal development lessons for those thinking they might want to explore the growing field.  

Step 1 : Introduction to Makeup Artistry....

We provide two sessions based on interest.....Session 1 - Beauty/Fashion    OR Session 2 - Special Effects/Commercial/TV 

Each session will begin with a 30-45  min observation of a TRUE makeup artist doing LIVE makeup on a model  (with questions encouraged in process) and will end with a 15 min Question and answer session where you can "pick the brain" of a makeup artist from everything on education, experience needed and where to start.  This is great for anyone as young as 13 or 14 who are interested in the industry to those who are already working in cosmetology and are looking to get into makeup artistry specifically. 

Cost: $15 per person - class reservations are maxed at 20 people per session. 

Step 2 : LEARN! Professional Development Opportunities


Group Learning Session...

* Each of these sessions will be 2 hours long, the first hour is instruction by the artist with a model and covering basics of makeup artistry; the second hour each student should bring a model and perform the "lesson" on the model with instructor feedback.  

* Each session will have a different topic for beauty and special effects. If  YOU complete all  the topics that we offer (multiple sessions and days) we will arrange a "photo shoot" day for you with a model to get shots of your work as part of the completion of the program.

Cost: $75 per session; maxed at 6 people per session. Must bring own supplies and models. 


Private One on One instructional sessions...

*Will function like the group lessons except you have the instructor all to your self for specific technique perfection. 

Cost: $150 per session 



 *Want to get started? Glossa may be the place for you to get moving. Internships accepted with application, any sample work and interview. We will also include you in our team artistry development sessions and will include you in our "innerworkings" of Glossa! We choose up to two interns per year,  in 6 month sessions and duties may include anything from assisting, to managing social media, to marketing. 

Must be at minimum 18 years of age and attend a minimum of three classes above. 


Our spring and summer sessions are in planning now. Fill out the form below and we will let you know when the introduction session and group session dates are booked. 

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