Past Clients

We can tell you how great we think we are, but here are what some of our clients had to say about working with the

Glossa Girl Fitness Team

Artists Name : Lyndsey

Tell us about yor time with Glossa!: I have been lucky enough to be a client of Lyndsey's for over 6 years. I am a Figure Competitor and she is by far the BEST is the business. Being able to sit in her chair first thing in the morning of a very long and stressful day to come is really one of the best parts of doing a bodybuilding show. Lyndsey always has a smile on her face, a listening ear and all of the positive energy you could imagine to soak up. She truly works some serious magic and has such an incredible talent for her craft. I am always beyond pleased with the application, attention to detail and professionalism that make her one in a million. Thank you Lyndsey SO incredibly much for everything that you do.!

How likely are you to use Glossa in the future? : Absolutely 100% each and every time and opportunity I get!

(These are direct quotes from clients via our anonymous follow up survey)

"Lyndsey did an AMAZING job on creating a look that was tailored to my individual style and personality. She is outstanding at enhancing confidence for figure competitors through her extraordinary makeup talent. Thank you for all that you have done to make this day GREAT!"

"If I ever have the opportunity to work with her again I'd like to make that happen! " - About Shaterra

"I will definitely be using Glossa for my next competition! Thank you!"

"They were very accommodating, as my appointment time was scheduled for the same time as check-ins. They let me go check in and then held my spot for me, as they were running on time. Very good experience, would use you guys for future shows!"

"I was really happy with the way she matched my makeup to my suit and tan. I loved the way she did my eyes and the lip color she helped me pick."

"Loved my hair and makeup!! The girls were very professional and did a great job!! Thank you!!"

"Everything was perfect. Could not have ask for better. I was in love with how my makeup looked. And my hair was perfect!"

"The girls were all amazing and I loved my hair and make up! Thank you ❤️"

"Everyone was very kind and my artist was so helpful. I really appreciated how she tied in my suit to my make up."

"I felt like Mrs. America thanks to both ladies.. Absolutely loved both" 

"Best experience to date. Thanks for making me feel beautiful!!" About Amy and Melissa

"Love my look. So light on application coverage but man it covered without feeling clogged. Quick and impressive." About Lisa

"Very friendly and personable. Listened to what I wanted and it was beautiful! I received compliments all day. Highly recommend this service to anyone!"

"Makeup was stunning and i was in love with it. I showed them a picture of something i would like and Elle ran with the eyes and her tag team foundation and lips hit it on point as well! I am not sure her name." About Elle and Cheyenne

"Melanie was very friendly and personable. She asked for my input and gave me the desired look. My finished look was 100% the standard of what I am accustomed to receiving for Fitness competitions. Thank you!" About Melanie

"This was my first figure comp so I wasn't sure what to expect but the team made me feel comfortable and really focused on me while it was my turn. Everything went so smoothly and I could not have been happier with my look." About Elle 

"I LOVED my hair and make-up this time (I also did the NPC Natual Ohio Show). It was perfect. My hair and make-up looked good for the Natural Ohio show, but this time at Natural Indiana, hair and make-up exceeded all my expectations. It was perfect :-)" About Lyndsey and Melissa

"I had many comments about my look for this show and my makeup was beyond good. I want to use Lyndsey for future events that I have not in fitness but things like black tie. Fabulous job!!!!"

"Your team is always amazing!!!" 

"I love the Staff and I've always been happy with the service provided!"

"Everything was perfect. Thank you so much for an amazing outcome."

"This was my first time using professional hair and makeup for a show and it was unbelievable! Made the experience so much better. My hair and makeup was exactly the look I was going for." About Melissa

"This is the first time I have used a professional service for a show and I will continue to use these services!! I looked amazing and they knew exactly what I wanted!!" About Amy

"Glossa girls are amazing. Lyndsey does a fabulous job at organizing and managing/running her business. This is my 3rd show. I will keep booking sessions and recommending Glossa Girls to all of my fitness friends! Great Work!"

"I LOVE YOU ALL....always fun and very professional:) You make me feel beautiful inside and out!!! xoxo"

"The artist was very attentive - she had an issue blending my foundation with my tan and pulled Lindsay over to help. They both made sure it was taken care of and looked great. It made the artist late for her next appointment. I really appreciated them both taking the extra time and effort to be sure I looked flawless!!"

"I got lots of compliments on my makeup" About Angela 

"Melissa was awesome. She did a great job on my make up and I was so glad I had her for my makeup artist."

"All the ladies were wonderful! The whole room was upbeat and positive, and having them do my hair and makeup saved me so much stress on competition day, and allowed me to feel a bit pampered!! Y'all are awesome, thanks so much!" 

"I was very happy with the whole experience and my touch-up in the afternoon was soooo worth the small added fee. I felt confident and ROCKED finals with first place!" About Jason

"Melissa is THE BOMB! She takes care of me so well at these shows that I will get her whenever possible. I wish all you Glossa girls lived near me in PA. I would be calling you on the regular! Thanks always for everything and of course I will see you at the next show! "

"Best experience ever! Took all the stress off me for the show and provided excellent service. Loved them all and thank you!!!!!!!"

"My artist were perfect and went above and beyond making my experience wonderful despite the lack of organization of the promotor of the show. Melissa was wonderful and made sure I was well taken care of. Absolutely love the glossa team and will always recommend you to other competitors!" About Melissa