Our Look Options

Why are we giving you look options? Yes, it is true we are talented enough artists to do whatever it is you are wanting HOWEVER the morning of the shows, we have a limited time so a more extensive look may require you to book an additional appointment.  ALSO, and most importantly we have been in the industry a LONG time and we know what WINS. The more basic looks, that reflect the person's natural beauty, are the looks that consistently place better.  We have grown weary of people bringing us Pinterest pictures, that are unrealistic for the client....so here are our suggestions of guidelines for WINNING STAGE LOOKS....

(The photos below are of our work, most are IFBB Pro Athletes)

Look 1 - Natural

Natural - This look is for anyone who doesn't wear makeup normally. This look will help you look stage ready without feeling like you are overdone. Sometimes less is more!!! 

Highlights of this look:

  • Minimal eye shadow - shimmery, natural tones, pretty eyelashes, soft liner
  • Highlighted cheeks - peachy/pinky tones "sunkissed" looking 
  • Natural colored lips - just enough to be noticeable on stage

Look 2 - Classic

Clean and Pretty - This look is perfect for people who wear makeup on an everyday basis but they don't have any ideas on how to make the makeup appropriate for stage or need a little bit more than normal to pop on stage. 

Highlights of this look: 

  • Eye shadows on the outter edge of the eyes to make the eye pop 
  • Maybe a more extended liner or cat liner 
  • More color on cheeks 
  • Brighter or darker lip as an accent 

Look 3 - Dramatic 

More Dramatic - This look is for those who have competed before, love makeup or even just wear more that the average bear.  The look is more dramatic yes, but still a recognizable and pretty version on your everyday look. 

Highlights of this makeup - 

  • Smokey-ish eye, shadow to outter corner, prominent liner, dramatic lashes 
  • Contouring 
  • Highlighted and blushed cheeks 
  • Dramatic Lips

Here is a list of things we DO NOT RECOMMEND: 

  • Glitter all over the eye lid - a little glitter in the inner corner is fine, especially if you are women's physique but all over the eye is a bit too much. 
  • Cut Crease - This is a BIG trend on Instagram but for MOST women it is unrealistic. 
  • Ombre Lips - It won't stay all day, its nice for photos but NOT for all day stage wear. 
  • We discourage jewels, feathers or any other eccentric eye accessories. 
  • Extreme contouring - Your face will already look pretty thinned because of perparing for your show so this step will make your face look more harsh. 
  • Lots of shimmer - it can make you look too shiny on stage and if you have any wrinkles it can amplify them. 
  • ALL OVER dark eye shadow - under the stage lights it will make your eyes look like large holes on stage. 

Biggest rule of thumb....look at what the Pros are doing on stage! Their looks set the bar for what the judges look for. Anything too distracting with your makeup and hair will take away from all your hard work on your physique.