When it hits you in the gut....

I don't write personal blogs hardly ever on this account.  If you know me, you know I am getting my Masters in Ministries Leadership so  I have a blog (Preach2meLyndseyMarie on Tumblr) in which I mostly write VERY personal thoughts, confessions and ministries based topics.  I typically keep my Makeup Artistry and Personal separate. However tonight I am compelled to combine the two.  One of the most horrific things happened to me tonight and with a heavy heart it has me thinking this is a message for ALL women regardless of religious beliefs.  

As most women can relate, after having my daughter my body has changed.  For a few years after she was born I obsessively worked out admittingly for vanity reasons.  I remember being pregnant and only gaining 22lb because I was UBER UBER healthy (again obsessively) and a nurse commenting "You're single right? Gotta bounce back after having the baby" implying that if I was overweight after giving birth I was doomed to be single forever.   Which takes us to now. For the past year I have been pushing "against beauty conformity" to look a certain way, how a makeup artist should (which by the way there is HUGE pressure to look a certain way as a makeup artist oddly). I have been wearing minimal makeup (or a LOT of makeup whatever I feel like), wearing clothes that don't necessarily match but I wear them because they are what I like, and I am eating whatever I want to because "DANG GONE IT I CAN".  Unfortunately my rebellious streak has led to weight gain that is affecting my health, but thats another topic.  I have gained about 20-25lb in the past 4 months.  I know what you are thinking, that's nothing....WELL on a woman who is 5 foot 2 inches on a good day, that's a lot to take on being that much overweight.  HERE is where tonight comes in. As I was getting undressed my SIX year old daughter is watching me and starts laughing.  I asked her what she is laughing so hard at...she says "Your fat thighs and butt are jiggling all around".  I stopped and looked at her taken back.  I said, "Lily Marie that is not nice," She kept going.  I continued, "Lily please stop you are hurting my feelings"...the laughing continued. "Lily, seriously..." she kept laughing.  In shock over how hurt I was, I quickly got dressed and left the room to cry my eyes out in the bathroom.  A few moments later, my daughter was knocking on the door, "Mommy are you ok?" I dried my tears, walked her into the bedroom and talked to her being nice and acceptance and about feelings and blah of those "motherly lesson learned" kind of talks. Which resulted in her saying, "If you don't eat junk food you won't be fat" (again she didn't realize how mean it sounded} AND "No matter what size you are Mommy I will always love you".  I was cut to the core by this situation. In all my naked vulnerability, my own baby was body shaming me. The point isn't that my daughter is some diabolical child out to crush me...the point is WHEN AND WHY does the BODY SHAMING start?!? WHY is a 6 year old not only recognizing the terms "FAT" and "SKINNY" but already recognizing the error in being one way over another.  Most importantly HOW DO WE STOP THIS?! How do we stop creating Mean Girls? 


I think one reason why we as women play the "Fat" or "Skinny" card is because of the lack of vocabulary and it starts at Lily's age.  Lily is learning shapes.  Before now she has known round to refer to all shapes with curvature and square to be all shapes with "sides" which included in her mind rectangles, boxes and even some pentagon or hexagons. Not because she is dumb but because her vocabulary is limited at this point.  I think that's what happens with us....we lack the vocabulary of describing our bodies.  In order to not check a box on our size we NEED more boxes on options or better yet no box options.  Why the labels...if we live in a world where people don't even have to label their gender orientation any longer why is it necessary to check a box regarding physical size.  


When I go to friends houses, I am so happy to share in my time with them that I don't notice if their house isn't perfect, I LOVE them and I am happy to be there.  However MY HOUSE, I feel like needs to sparkle before anyone steps foot in.  This is how we are with our body as well.  Someone my exact build, I would say "You have a GREAT butt" but myself...I am like "Look at your big butt".  The way we love others is how we need to love ourselves and vice versa depending on what your struggle is.  Some may LOVE the way they look in the mirror and THOSE are the people that body shame others into "Being too fat or too skinny".  Either way it goes, the judgement has to be replaced by love. 

The CURSE of Social Media 

wow, this is SO huge.  Lets forget calling it Instagram and just call it "The place that makes your feel inadequate".  Its been a HUGE learning curve for me in the past year to realize I am not 20 anymore, I am NOT going to be the makeup artist on IG that has 5 million followers and I am NOT going to have a waist and butt like Kim K any day soon.  If I have to see one more person post a selfie in a mirror with their brows super filled in, lashes that are ridiculous with heavy contouring, blinding highlight with a matte lip, sharpened fingertip nails, a 20 inch waist with a 40 inch butt sticking out with their arm slightly lifted like they are holding an invisible trophy while looking seductively into the camera with lips parted to say "oh hey there I didn't see you looking at me" with a hashtag #onfleek I might LOOSE MY COOL. What the heck kind of message are we sending to our teens?! That the standard for a 19 year old is to look like Kyliee Jenner? Because that's possible right!? SOCIAL MEDIA IS SETTING OUR DAUGHTERS UP TO FAIL.  It is all so over the top and creating unrealistic not to mention unattainable goals for our women in the world.  We are a culture obsessed with perfection.  WE HAVE TO CHANGE IT. 

Adjust the Message 

My daughters comment about "Not eating Junk Food" I wouldn't have minded if she said "Don't eat junk food or it will make you sick" meaning an unhealty heart, cholestorol, liver...whatever other health issues that come with obesity (many which I am dealing with now) but she said "You won't be fat." Why is THAT the message, don't do this or that not to be fat.  How about the message be a focus on the positive aspects of health and not the negative aspects on the body image.  

Do I have all the answers? Of course not but I am a problem solver.  I don't look at a situation and cry over it or complain over it and call it a day.  If there is a problem I want to solve it.  Realistically, I know I am not going to stop all body image issues with the snap of my fingers but I can start to change how I feel about myself and the message I send to my daughter.  So here are some things I think we can do to take ACTION on stopping the issues with body shaming.  

1. Beauty Board - We all know the movie mean girls where they stand in a mirror with each other and point out their flaws.  I am going to create a board with my daughter every week where DAILY for a week we look at a picture of a woman of all shapes, sizes, races, age and everything and pin it to the board.  Everyday that week we will look at that picture and write two things on the board about that woman that we love.  For example this picture below...We may say " I love this woman's warm smile, I love her talent, I love her soft hair, I love her beautiful skin tone, I love the bright colors she's wearing....everyday we will focus and find SOMETHING we love about the person." 

2. Focus on Accomplishment and NOT physical appearance - There are SO many AMAZING women in our history and currently. I am going to pick a new woman every few weeks to focus on their amazing accomplishments and learn all about that person focusing on more than just how they look.  

3. Health Focus - Maybe Lily and I need to talk more about health perspective.  Now that I need to get healthy its a great time to encourage fitness for fun, eating healthy, and stress relief TOGETHER  and not "working out" for my physical.  I can engage my daughter on creating a healthy lifestyle to live a healthy happy life not to live for how you look in a baithing suit or for other people.  

4. Emotional Education - We RUN from feelings because heavens lets not admit we have them.  Physical health is just as important as emotional health so engaging in healthy emotional practices such as journal writing, meditating, and simply expanding our emotional vocabulary makes us more aware of ourselves and how we effect other people.  Helping my daughter learn HEALTHY emotional expression is one of the best tools as a parent I think I can equip her with.  

5. Unplug - I have really filtered what I look at on social media and for HOW LONG I look at it.  I have gone through phases where I removed social media apps from my phone even. Its hard because I run marketing for my business on social media but at times, I just have to let it go and focus myself on posting positive messages for other people to see and ignoring the negative "me me me" stuff of other peoples.  

6. Start with You - If we are going to stop body shaming other people we have to stop body shaming ourselves.  Buy a full length mirror and with a dry erase marker write on it 3 affirmations about yourself and read them out loud every day for a month.   

Like I said, I don't have all the answers.  I do know this has to STOP.  We owe it to all the women who fought to be more than just a pretty face behind the stove, we owe it to our future generation to change the objectivity and negativity and we owe it to ourselves to experience self acceptance and love.   Most importantly we owe it to God to love his creation and honor our perfect imperfection.  







This is for you Traci!

A long time client and friend text messaged me the other night asking for a recommendation on Channel foundation.  I had suggested it to her a few years ago.  I told her that my NEW jam, as I have mentioned before, is Dolce and Gabbana foundation! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I have my own mother using it that's how much I love it!! I also suggested she take a look at Born this Way concealer by Two Faced.  I forgot to ask Traci if she needed a concealer for under the eye or for the face.  Born this Way concealer I really like for highlighting and under the eye BUT for blemishes and brown spots I still think that the Laura Mercier Secret Weapon is the best bet. Below are Details on all 3 Products.  For Bushes, refer to my earlier BLOG about the Urban Decay Blur Brush for foundation. It is the best!

This is the foundation I LOVE, the Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation, however there is a downfall to it. They don't make it in a super pale color. The lightest color has more of a yellow undertone to it.  It only comes in 4 colors total.  SO if someone has super dark skin there isn't a shade to support that as well.  The click through will take you to SAKS to purchase. They do free shipping and returns so I suggest to get the two colors you think are closest and return the others.  The colors are: 

Bisque - Pretty pale with a yellow undertone would consider "light" not fair or porcelain though. 

Carmel - It is more tan...I would think of this as a Medium tone. I definitely has pink undertones.

Creamy - Is similar to Caramel, it is a tiny bit darker.  This is my summer color the color I use if I have been spray tanning.   Again, pink undertones. 

Natural Beige - Is the darkest color they have.  It will go on most dark skin tones, but if someone is very dark in complexion it won't work.  Think of Milk Chocolate and not Dark Chocolate. : ) 

The finish on the foundation is a more moisturizing fuller coverage foundation.  It feels super luxurious and looks amazing on all skin types.  

Dolce does make a Matte foundation, which I feel is a pretty full coverage and a Luminous Liquid which is similar to a tinted moisturizer but a little more elevated if that makes sense.  I do like both of these other options and they do come in a more range of colors.  The powder foundation is even pretty nice and typically I do not like powder foundations.  

Born This Way Concealer: 

There are several colors. These range from very pale to dark.  I like to choose a shade a tiny bit lighter so I can use it as a highlighter and a concealer.  

You should be able to click on the product to take you to Two Faced directly. If not, click link below so it takes you to my account with them.  Traci you are probably Medium or light medium if you are using it as a highlighter as well. 


Glossa Girl Two Faced Account

Let me know if you have any questions!!! 




Follow up Post for Kelley S.

Carmen had a great in home, party with client Kelley who is a past bride and her friends to celebrate a friends birthday! How great is that!! Such a wonderful idea! As a follow-up, here are some of the products that Carmen suggested for you ladies as her favorites and a few tips.  

Thanks for booking your makeup lessons with the Glossa Girls!! 

If there are any products you wish to purchase, just click on the product and an external window will pop up for Amazon. Carmen's Suggestions: 

1. Urban Decay Eye Primer - We like Sinful but we do NOT prefer the anti aging.  For best results for any eye type, the original formula is the best! 

2. NARS Radiance Primer - This primer is great if people are having issues with dullness of skin.  It adds a little sheen without adding shimmer.  

Lately the counters have been sold out of this primer 

Lately the counters have been sold out of this primer 

3. Givency Matte Primer - This primer is great for oily skin. Remember to always use primer after the skincare and before the foundation to create a smooth long wearing finish.  You most likely can order this on Saks or 

4. Eye Shadows - Bobbi Brown Champagne as a highlight shadow (light shimmer), NARS Nepal shadow for a great crease color. MAC Bronze shadow to add a little drama.  You can order these from Nordstrom or  An alternative is this palette by Laura Geller which has a lighter color similar to Champagne and a warmer neutral similar to Nepal.  Bonus, it comes with a brush! 

5. Tarte Cream Liner - Can be used in the underneath of the lash line to subtlety lift they eye or used more dramatically as a liner on top.  It depends on the application and the brush.  Brown for a more natural look, Black for more dramatic. In two formulas a pot or in a tube. 

Tips on application: Underneath - look down into the mirror and slightly lift the lashline with the opposite hand than the one you have the brush in.  Lightly press the product into the lash line to make it look darker, the Larua Mercier Flatliner brush is great for this because it is thin.  Top liner look - Use an angled brush starting in the middle stroke outward and then follow up with starting in the inner corner and meeting the line you just made in the middle.  Winged Tip - Create a line using your lower lashline as a guide and extend out and slightly up (should not go out further than your brow bone). The draw another line from the end of your wing, inward to meet the eye liner you already created.  Fill in the little gap where skin still shows.  

6. NARS Blush - Orgasm (Color) Number 1 selling blush. Has a warm peachy gold tone that brightens any complexion 

7. Foundation - She talked about two kinds of foundation. Makeup Forever makes a formula for more oily skin that she prefers.  It has a great coverage yet feels lightweight. Or the YSL Touche Eclat foundation.  Not 100% the colors, but keep in mind with foundation. you want to match to your chest.  This is the most accurate read of your whole body color to match your face. Doing so everything looks the same color instead of your face being lighter. TIPS for online ordering: Buy several shades if you can and return the ones that don't match.  

8. NARS Radiance Concealer - Typically if using it under the eyes you want to get a tiny bit lighter if you can but not too light or you will look like a raccoon.  

9. Anastasia Brow Duo Shadow and Brow Angle Brush - Tip : always best to start in the middle of the brow out and then from the outter part of the brow in, providing little strokes for the most natural look.  

10. BRUSHES! Here are Carmen's Favorite 

MAC 217 - Blending Brush, smaller and more dense bristles make it great for the crease and overall blending.  Sigma makes a similar brush at a little cheaper price so I am linking it to the picture. 

MAC 263 - The brush is very thin and it is great to use with the eyeliners above. Again, Sigma makes a similar one that I am tagging in the photo. 

MAC 252 - Great for all over color and for setting concealer under the eye. 


Do you want to have an in home party for you and your girlfriends? Email us about all the options because there are LOTS of group lesson, party and even individual lessons! 

Email : 


It's here! It's here! The past few weeks, I woke up planning to send my daughter to school in shorts and sandals MID October because it was 80 degrees.  Well, FINALLY I woke up today to a familiar chill in the air. Fall. Finally.  So clearly, in preparation for changing skin we need to stock up to transition or faces as well as our attitude! I have seen companies have "FALL BOXES", I watched Savannah Crisley open one on Facebook Live the other night by the company, Fit Fun Fab or something like that.  Without further adiu, here is my FAV FALL products.  (Click the product for easy purchase)

1. Exfoliator - This is the JAM for face and body.  Love Lush for so many reasons...quality ingredients and cruelty free.  This scrub has just enough grit to get the dead skin off but won't dry out the skin.  Love. 

2. Dark Nail Polish - I have my hands in alcohol ALL DAY LONG cleaning brushes and washing my hands.  I don't have time or money to get my nails done every two weeks so I do an at home mani using an emery board, cuticle oil and orange stick to push back cuticles and I LOVE this at home Gel polish possible without a light! Quick and easy. PS FOR FALL FUN try one of the darker colors! 

3. Maybelline Chocoholic Lip Color. Dark. Brown. Beautiful on light and dark skin tones. Stunning. Matte finish but not super dry.  

I also LOVE the Midnight Blue, but for most that is a little bold.

I also LOVE the Midnight Blue, but for most that is a little bold.

4. Hair Mask - Your hair gets dry just as your skin.  This one is quick, doesn't require 10 min...just a few, smells great and is made of lots of great natural oils and antioxidants.  

5. Vitamin D - Seasonal Affective Disorder is REAL.  I LOVE fall and when it hits, I am so so so tired all the time.  I have a major Vitamin D deficiency but I learned that I am not alone.  The average American has significantly less Vitamin D than the body needs to maintain reasonable energy levels.  

Ortho Molecular is a company that the Doctors from an Alternative Medicine facility I used to work for suggest. It is a neutraceutical brand which means it is highly regulated and high grade. You only have to take 1 to get 5000IU. 

Ortho Molecular is a company that the Doctors from an Alternative Medicine facility I used to work for suggest. It is a neutraceutical brand which means it is highly regulated and high grade. You only have to take 1 to get 5000IU. 

6. TIME TO DEFEND! Supplements like Echinacea and Airborne work well, but essential oils take immune defense to the next level. Also, you can use them on your kids! (Some of them, there are restrictions). 

7. Forget Pumpkin Spice - Creme Brulee is where it's at! This is more than a bubble bath, it is a soak in heaven. The smell is lasting and makes the water feel like a luxury spa soak.  

8. Moisturizer that's not heavy but adds great hydration to the changing skin. 

Boots has been ranked with the BEST in the dermatology reports. A little lightening to remove the summer sun damage couldn't hurt. 

Boots has been ranked with the BEST in the dermatology reports. A little lightening to remove the summer sun damage couldn't hurt. 

9. Cranberry Eyeshadow - God was pretty for the summer, but this warms the color palette up a bit. Balanced with a nice warm brown and matte chocolate is one of my  favorite color palettes for all eye colors. 

This palette offers a varaiety of warm fall colors, for only $35 the looks are endless! 

This palette offers a varaiety of warm fall colors, for only $35 the looks are endless! 

10. Blanket Scarf - I think I look forward to fall partially because my Blanket scarves are like your grown up blankie. I can use them as a scarf, a shawl or when desperate a blanket! Thse come so many color options for $12 you can get 10 of them! They dress up a T and Jeans or you can add them to a black dress. LOVE LOVE LOVE! 

Oval "Toothbrush" Style Brushes....what's the deal?

Every time I whip these brushes out of my kit people are like....

1. "Ohhhhh that looks weird, what is it?"

2. "That feels Wonderful" 

These brushes are the BOMB. Here is why....Artistically, they have a density that helps catch the product whether it m concealer or powders and smooth it perfectly into place.  For setting powders, I usually like to use a puff but these brushes have a unique destiny that also helps blend insanely well.  Feeling wise, they are a treat for the rubbing puppies all over your face. Soft and amazing.  Lastly, the pressure. You are able to hold the brush in a way that applies a generous amount of pressure into the application which gives a whole new look.  

I have tries the "Mediocre" brands and the cheapies, we all know I like a good value. There are sets like the Fluenta Oval Set for $450! Wowzers! And I have tried the cheapies from Amazon.  The problem with the cheapies, the fibers in the brushes feel more coarse.  Also, when you go to apply the pressure needed to control the brush the cheap plastic snaps.  

The BEST middle of the road set is the one listed below.  It is moderately priced.  I say moderately because really out of the whole set you actually only use 3 brushes.  It looks like a great value for 10 brushes but there isn't a value if you don't use the other 7  brushes.  

These (for now) are my faves and I HIGHLY recommend them especially if you have wrinkles  or oily skin and need an "extra set" in your application.  


I use the Large powder for setting powder, the medium for foundation blending, the small for under the eye concealer and the angled small for under eye setting powder.  

Click the brushes to purchase. 

What I CAN'T do for you....

What is my nightmare? I meet a beautiful Bride to Be for the first time. She is glowing, naturally beautiful and super excited for her big day. I start the trial by asking if she has a look that she wants and she shows me these pics....

With the statement that follows, "I want something really "poppy" but natural. I want my eyes to look big but really natural.  HERE IS THE PROBLEM.....these women are BEAUTIFUL but they have SOOOO much makeup on.  I already know if I put that much makeup on my Bride to Be she is going to feel like she looks more like......

Let me be clear, myself and all the other Glossa Girls CAN do any kind of makeup that you want. Heck, if you wanted to look like a ZOMBIE on your wedding day with full on prosthetic cheekbones, WE CAN do that.  So to illustrate some boundaries on wedding makeup lets talk about what I CAN'T do for you....

1. I CAN'T make you look like Kim Kardashian. I can do a smokey eye, yes but you are not going to like the way it looks on you if you normally wear some brown eyeshadow and eye liner.  

2. I CAN'T make full coverage foundation look "natural". Full coverage is full coverage. What I CAN do is use my artist skills to give you a flawless look regardless of the technical coverage.  

3. I CAN'T promise I am going to use ALL of anything....all name brand, all organic, all cruelty free...I TRY to be aware of ethical production practices of cosmetic companies, I try to be aware of ingredients, and I try to use the BEST products for my clients however I like what I like and what in my professional opinion think works best. 

4. I CAN'T pretend I like airbrush.  I don't think its a great choice for a wedding makeup.  I think a lot of makeup artists cheat by using an airbrush gun to spray on a formula equivalent to a tinted moisturizer which is misleading to the public. It DOES NOT take skill to airbrush for a wedding. It DOES NOT make your makeup artist more professional or trendy because they use it.  However, if you want it we do it. OUR way. We use a 50/50 formula which is the best formula for wearability and look.  

5. I CAN'T do plastic surgery. There is only so much highlighting or contouring or brow lifting or lip plumping I can do with makeup that will make a difference and not have you looking like a community theater actor walking down the isle.

I want to do makeup for ANY client who is willing to sit in my chair with an open mind on how I can help them look their best, the best version of them-self not the best copy cat of a picture from pinterest. I DO want to look at Pintrest pictures with you and talk about what you think looks pretty on other girls.  So maybe here are some questions you can think about before your trial run....

1. What color tones do you prefer? Warms? Cooler tones?

2. What shape of eye shadowing do you like best? Rounder shape or more elongated? Cat eye?

3. Do you prefer a shimmery shadow or more matte?

4. Do you like shimmery highlighter or more of a blushed look?

5. Do you like your brows lightly filled in, groomed or heavily drawn in?

6. What do you normally do when you go out at night?

7. Think of a time when you got really done up, what did you like most about how you looked?

Answering some of these questions will help us get to the bottom of what is going to look best on YOU and I CAN promise that we will make you look like the best version of you that we can!

See you soon!!




Lashes!!! Take your look to the next level!!

I am all for using cheapie lashes. You can get a pretty look with the cheap ones BUT people keep bringing me pics from instagram of makeup they like, but no matter how great your shadow looks if the lashes aren't like the pic the look won't be the same. So here are some lashes to check out of you want to invest in them. They are an expense but worth it of you reuse them!! - Samantha #7 ($20.00) or Mink Lash Lana ($39.00)

Or for a little cheaper option.... 

Vegas Nay by Eye lure -$7.99

Vendor Review - Jessi and Sarah

For those of you who don't know, I (Lyndsey Yeager, owner of Glsosa Makeup) not only have a business in the wedding industry....I am rounding the bases to have a stand off with Katherine Heigel in 27 dresses...having this Feb be my 14th wedding that I have been in. Yep, you heard it right. Between all of my sorority sisters weddings, my sister, my cousin, my best friend at 19 to Lily's Aunt Jen at 25...I have had a TON of friends and family over the past 15 years get married.  I have been in weddings in Mexico, New Jersey, in an airplane hangar, at a horse stable to the biggest Catholic wedding I have ever seen.  I must say practice DOES make perfect. This past weekend was amazing.  Being able to suggest to the bride the best cake vendor, an amazing florist, what bridesmaids style dress would work well along with fit and so on....I LOVED Sarah and Jessi's Wedding. Of course, being the control freak I am, I had asked another Glossa Girl to come do our makeup but I ended up doing it myself.  It just seemed only appropriate....she is one of my best friends after all! It has been a whirl wind for this amazing couple....all in one year we have had a baby shower for them, the engagement, a new house, had the baby, the wedding shower, the bachelorette and the wedding all IN ONE YEAR!!!! PLUS Sarah has just opened a new Therapist Practice as of last week!!! So, decisions had to be made quick and firm and I think Sarah made some of the best! Here is a list of her vendors...

Venue: Belle Event Center - This place was beautiful and the food was delish! The Event coordinator was very sweet and helpful!

Photographer: Amy Oliver Photography - This was the first time I had worked with Amy but she was awesome. I loved how quick she was because it was so cold, BUT she got great shots and was very engaging at the reception. 

Cake: Marilyn's in Ludlow - What can I say, she's always the best...and my neighbor!

Dresses: David's Bridal - We went with out BM dresses here because we got a discount. However, having purchased 15 before this one I was disappointed with the quality of the dress for the price BUT on a side note, I actually SWEAR I WILL wear it again and it was very comfortable! Her dress from David's was stunning!

Accessories: Etsy - Sarah ordered these online and I LOVED the necklaces and scarves. If you are a bride USE ETSY!

Flowers: The Belle has such cool set ups, minimal flowers are needed! Bonus! But our flowers were done by Emily Rose of Artistic Floral Design in Lawrenceburg. She DID AMAZING. I was fairly descriptive as a BM on what the Brides glowers should look like and she hit the nail on the head. They held up all day and smelled amazing! Love her and she services NKY and Cincinnati!!

Hair: Megan Morgan - God Love Megan! We are friends, but have done several weddings together now and she always does exactly what everyone wants.  Our hair was amazing. On top of it we had a Champagne Emergency, her Boyfriend came over with 2 bottles for us! She makes EVERY client feel like they are her best friend.  Cannot say enough about her!! She owns a Salon in Cincinnati (Hyde Park) LOOK HER UP!!!

Makeup: By me of course!!


oK, GOT THE BODY taken care of your like Lyndsey, how does this help the INSIDE of me....most likely you actually will feel like crap and moody.  Here are some things to keep your SPIRIT CLEANSING as well. 

1. CRY - Seriously, allow yourself to cry without reason and question.  90% of us bottle the emotion up thinking its a sign of weakness and its like a volcano. If you don't let it out it will built up until you cant take it any more.  If you CANT cry, watch a sappy movie or laugh until you cry. GET IT OUT whatever way you can (without calling harm to yourself of course)

2. Make a LIST of people in your life....make 2 columns - One for "Positive" people and one for "negative" people.  When you need a perk up in life, call one of those positive people...remind yourself EVERYDAY who the negative people are in your life and avoid them or minimize communication with them.  Put on your "negative shield on" tell yourself, "you will not penetrate my force field of positivity. 

3. TANK EMPTY? Fill up! GO to where people are going to be the most positive for you.  Is that a community Group? I go to a MOMS group when I need to be around people who understand me.  Is it a church group? Group of Girlfriends?  Retirement home to listen to the elderly talk...Go wherever the atmosphere will fill up your spiritual tank.

4. Create a more intimate encounter with someone you respect to talk to them about everything you are going through.  Have them pour into you the hopes, thoughts and inspirations they have for you in your life. Don't have anyone like this in your life? Look at hiring a Spiritual Advisor, Counselor or life coach.  You need SOMEONE on your side. 

5. Give Gratitude....things are not going to be perfect, things are not going to be easy but that old saying "it could always be worse" is SO true.  SIT AND GIVE GRATITUDE for the things you DO have going for you or in your life. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on all the blessings you DO have and say them out loud.  Remind yourself how fortunate you are in spite of everything that may be going wrong. 





DETOX - Day 21 - 25 of Inside Out

The last 5 days of Inside Out I wanted to deticate to a detox.  I feel that in order to move forward you have to jump start your body and spirit to let go of the old and move forward with the new. After all that has been the whole point of this 25 day transformation of Inside Out.  So to conclude, I wanted to give some suggestions on how to Detox. 

First, by saying "Detox" people automatically think of those crazy juice diets and "loosing weight" although sometimes this is the case, MOSTLY detox means to get rid of the "old crap" we put in our bodies and start fresh.  So to JUMP STARTyour "NEW YEAR, SAME YOU, NEW PERSPECTIVE" - our next campaign -  I encourage you to detox from the holiday junk.  Detox from Alcohol, Sugar, Processed Foods and BAD HABITS (like Soda and fast food).

1. Eating - Click below for a 5 day EASY sample menu - It mentions Protein Powder a lot. I suggest 3 kinds - 1. Isagenix - GREAT PRODUCT, 2. Dymatize Iso - Tastes good and scientifically formulated 3. Fit Miss - woks well for women

2. WORK OUT- You need to SWEAT to get the crap out!!! Include some simple daily movements at home! (See Below)

3. Supplements: This can be an expensive part so here are the ones that I suggest. A. Milk Thistle - This detoxes the liver which is important after a season of drinking B. Apple Cider Vinegar (With the Mother in it, Braggs) 1 Table Spoon a morning 3. Probiotics - REALLY important to replenish the goof flora in the gut - If you wanted to do a "colon flush" I found one at Walgreens that is really good. Not severe and it works well. Has ginger in peppermint in it to be gentle on the stomach. 

4. Take a bath in Epsom Salts, this helps detox as well. 


Workout 1.jpg


As a dance minor in college, I fully understand the emotional aspect of dancing. I have danced joyfully when I was happy. I have danced methodically to express emotion and I have danced to uplift my mood when I was down. There are several types of dance that I suggest that are expressive.  

1. Modern Type classes....usually these classes give you an emotion to focus on and a song to go with it. The rest is up to you! 

2. Nia - covers a range of movement and emotion.  

3. Retro Dance - Is fun for everyone to get out and simply move  

4. Line Dancing - as dumb as the electric slide at a wedding might seem, doing these types of dances we all know and love a lows you to move without thinking very much.  

If you are in Cincinnati, there are two places I recommend going. Dancefix a the Cincinnati Ballet. It's a hard class but it is good for those who have dance experience. Or if you want something a little more relaxed, the Shakti Factory by Mer Hogan. She is very much about free flow, free form and expressing yourself through organic movement. 



Happy Moving! 



Winter Sunless Tanning

Tired of winter paleness? Just do a little self tanning to make you have the summer glow in December. Here are some helpful tips!

1. Exfoliate - be sure to do this frequently to keep the dry skin at bay. Using a few tablespoons of baking soda in your normal scrub helps bring the PH balance back to your skin.  

2. Moisturize between tanning sessions to keep the tan looking fresh longer.

3. Shower before applying tanner and wait to shower after for at least 8 hours. Gives the DHA time to develop on the skin. 

4. Shave as little as you can get away with.  

5. Go very lightly on the hands and feet. They absorb color easier than other parts of the body.

6. Be open to putting tanner on certain points of the body that need it instead of doing an all over application. 

7. My favorite at home tanner is Banana Boat Deep Lotion from walmart for $7...they only sell it in summer in my area of KY so stock up! I've used this one for years!!! 



8. Have a professional do it if you can. It is worth the money to have it look amazing. I like 2 different girls thay apply it to you directly...not a machine. 

1. Joni Beth with Belle Solie 2. Carrie at her nail studio in Ludlow, Ky. If you contact us I can give you their contact info...both are awesome..

9. If you are doing it by a machine, I would go to a Mistic Tan "My Mist" I use Medium in the winter with a Single Mocha Kissed Bronzer so it looks more natural in colder climates. I do dark when I am going on vacation.  

10. Skip the face, you can use concealer and bronzer instead of your regular foundation. Keeps the face looking more even.  

Happy Tanning! 




when I was looking for yummy facts on foods to help with a sweet tooth. I was stoked to find this article!! I cannot wait to try some of these! 

My personal faves out of my own arsenal are the following.....

1. Broiled Grapefruit - use splenda brown sugar and coat half of the grapefruit with it and place on baking sheet. Then broil for about 10 min until sugar hardens. Helpful hint, pre cut the sections of the grapefruit for easier access.

2. Mix peanuts and dark chocolate chips...I love sweet and salty together!  plus you have your protein and antioxidants!!

3. chocoloops - consists of peanut butter whole grain chereos, a little peanut butter and Walden farms chocolate dip. Mix all together and enjoy! Better than a Reece cup....almost.

4. No Bake cookies....that's bake cookies! They are almost as good. 

Ingredients: cocoa powder, peanut butter, rolled oats, sugar free maple syrup, honey, coconut flakes...mix, roll into balls and refrigerate.  

happy eating!!






Kids say the funniest things!!!

Here is a link to a blog that had compiled Hilarious tweets from parents. I just love finding the humor in parenting!!!! Relating to others makes you feel good....aka look good too.



Displaying your priorities

Sometimes as women we feel completely overwhelms with everything we have to do. So even basic things end up feeling like a huge burden. One thing someone had me do years ago was this activity to clearly identify what is and what is NOT important in my life. I encourage all of you all to this exercise and revisit frequently. I am a visual learner so it helps me to see this to put things into perspective.


WHAT you need: Large Mason Jar, 3 pack golf balls, 10 small rocks and 3 cups of sand. 

on a piece of paper list your top 3 priorities (mine are Serving God, My family and my career) then beside each "ball" on your list, mark down the top things you need to do for each. Put the golf balls in the JAR and observe how much space they consume. The top things in your life should take up the most space.

Next mark down 10 things you would like to work on in your life. Like mine are 1.Making time for friends 2. Joining Moms groups 3. Teaching a lily about commiunity service 5. Cooking more 6. Dance 7. Reading more 8. Working on my masters 9. Engaging more with "distant" family 10. Meditation practice 

With each thing fill your jar with these 10 things, on your paper write the ways you are going to work it into your jar. For example 1. Making time for friends (I put on my calender to reach out by phone or email to a friend and invite them to make plans or simply catch up) 2. Moms groups are important to me to be with women that relate to mommy struggles so I scheduled one every week on Tuesday and the other is more flexible but commited to attending 2 events a month. 5. Cooking more - got on pintrest, printed out recipes I want to try and post a "menu" in my kitchen to commit to making why I say I am going to. If I don't end up making it and we eat out, I don't sweat it but posting it and having the recipes easier available makes me more accountable. 

Finally, slowly pour in the sand. As your pouring think of all the "filler" things you do that aren't really a priority in your life and let it go. If there are things that come upon you that aren't on your lost don't put much effort into it. For example, making your mother in law happy by taking the kids to her church for breakfast with santa. Well, if she doesn't want to come get them or it doesn't fit into your schedule say no. Simply not on your list. Lol sometimes to preserve yourself you have to say no. 

Look at your lists and your jar and when you have a solid plan things seem much more put together.  





Polish those pearly whites!!!


Make your smile as white as the winter snow this Christmas! You can either do it gradually at home with products you already have OR purchase a product that will help speed up the process.

1. Naturally - Make a paste with baking soda and peroxide. Brush on your teeth and let sit for 2 min. Then rinse mouth and brush normally. This is safe enough to do daily.  

2. TWILIGHT Teeth works!!! The mouth guard allows teeth to dry without saliva washing away the paint on gel. Then the UV light attaches to the mouth guard speeding up the process. I think I paid $30ish for mine. I love it!! Worth it!! 



Happy Whitening!



Non Profits this season

Ok so call me dumb buy even though I have a Non Profit part to Glossa Professional Makeup Artistry  (Glossa Gives) and obviously I know what a 501C3 status is (where you get recognized by the government of officially being a non profit) from the perspective of the person in need I didn't know there was a difference in them. I always gave my "old stuff" to Goodwill and St. VINCENT De Paul. Not that those aren't great organizations but I never thought about the prices at these places. Couches are still 20 or 30 dollars, which is a lot cheaper than new, and clothes go for 2.00 to 10.00. Again, cheaper than new but what if your someone who had NO money. Like NONE.

Let me tell you a story...there was a young mom (18) that kept her new baby in a laundry basket at her apartment. The government helped her get a place and food stamps but not the furniture...she had NO money to buy anything so she slept on the floor with blankets and pillows and kept her baby in a Lundy basket next to her. She went around town and collected free magazines and cut out the pictures of trees and happy people and taped them to the wall (with a roll of tape she stole) and she got free baby toys from the health department for going to parenting classes. She washed their clothes in the bathtub with free dish soap she got from the pantry and hung in bathtub. She said she used cloth diapers at home so he could wash them and afford diapers for when they were out in public. In the day she would walk the baby in a free stroller she found in trash down to the library and would take online surveys to make money because she could have her baby there with her. She traveled to Cincinnati when her family disowned her for getting pregnant as a teen. When she got here to the city the baby dad lived, she found out he was married and had a family so he refused to talk to her. She had no money to go anywhere else and no where else to go anyway do after living in a women's shelter and getting some basic clothes and toiletries for her and the baby she settled here. THIS GIRL doesn't have $30 for a couch. She doesn't have $10 for a "new dress" she needs every cent. THIS GIRL is the reason organizations like BE CONCERNED in Covington, KY exist. 

Be Concerned is a non profit that prices everything in their thrift store at $0.50. And if you are someone like this girl that has nothing, they will give to you for free. They have a "store" with clothes, household items, toileties, and they have a food pantry. At Christmas they give toys away free and at reduced prices. It's a SMALL organization with 3 fI'll time positions with a BIG mission. To simply Help. After visiting this organization with my mom's group (we donated about 100 toys this year because they were about 200 short for their registered families in need) I went home and boxed up Christmas decorations, special holiday etire, jewlwery, gifts and dress boots and took them into Andy at Be Concerned. They were things I wanted. Things I would love to get as gifts. Things I didn't WANT to give up because "I may want to wear those $65 Steve Madden boots or use the glass serving dish" but hadn't in years so I just let it go. 

Often times we give away things that honestly we wouldn't want someone to give us. Clothes with holes in them, beat up shoes, t shirts that are stained. Walking into this store there and looking around it hit me of this concept of GIVE the things you WANT, that you can let go of. That means the most. I picture this mom going into Be Concerned and getting my cute boots and fur vest I donated for free to give her teenage daughter who has nothing and being so proud to give it. Or the husband that is spending every penny he makes in the toy store for his 5 kids and getting to go in an get a pretty crystal serving dish for his wife for free.

So I encourage all of you to seek out THESE types of organizations in your area. The ones that are free to people, and give of yourself what you would want to get. This experience has changed me and the way I donate....inside and out. 





DIY Manicure

Don't have the time or the $ to go to the salon every other day this holiday season? Do it at home!!

Step 1 - Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water to soften the cuticals. Adding a little olive oil helps moisturize when you swish it around.

Step 2 - Exfoliate with white sugar and a drop of hand soap and rinse. Moisturize with a hand lotion or hand cream for best feeling hands. (Kheils Men's Hand Cream is my fav and only $12!) 

Step 3 - Push back cuticals with a manicure "orange stick" but if you don't have one, use a popsicle stick. Use a cuticle remover like the Sally Hanson paint on kind if your cuticles are bad lol

Step 4 - Paint! At the holiday times I thing it's hard to maintain a color or French because of chipping. So my suggestion if this is your problem too, do a pretty Glitter polish! It stays on longer and if it chips you can't even tell!! Top coat, clear is really important for making the Polish last as well. 

If you DO have time to pamper yourself, call Carrie to do your nails in Ludlow, KY (3 miles outside of Downtown Cincinnsti) her rates are SUPER affordable, she runs her own business so she can accomodate you at any time AND she does an awesome job!! Her number is, 859-750-0447....tell her Lyndsey sent ya!






Winter Bride Discount

Is your wedding in DECEMBER, January or February? If so, here is a great opportunity for you!! 50% off the Bride and $10 off for Bridesmaids!!! So here is how it would break down:

 $50 deposit  - is now $25, $60 trial run. Is now $30, $60 day of wedding makeup is now $30. So $25+$30+30= $85!!!!!!! (Normally $170 total)  😍😍😍

Bridesmaids are $10 off so they go for $50 full face and $30 eyes. Cheeks and lips with the discount! This is a STEAL!!! 

Book with Lyndsey 


25 Days if "Inside Out" - Day 3 -Laugh

I love to laugh. It makes me feel good. Even when I'm upset or stressed and I want to cry, laughing until I cry is a great positive emotional response. This time of year we are all stressed. If it's not about money, it's about time, if it's not about time it's about family issues, it goes on....whatever your situation. Take some time to laugh. I hope these will help. I always Crack up at these autocorrects. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the silliness, it's like Mad Libs for grown ups. These are a few I liked. Hope you enjoy and laugh today. 



Ps don't forget to check out our IG for part 2 of today's tips....dark lipstick shades that rock. @glossagirl