when I was looking for yummy facts on foods to help with a sweet tooth. I was stoked to find this article!! I cannot wait to try some of these! 

My personal faves out of my own arsenal are the following.....

1. Broiled Grapefruit - use splenda brown sugar and coat half of the grapefruit with it and place on baking sheet. Then broil for about 10 min until sugar hardens. Helpful hint, pre cut the sections of the grapefruit for easier access.

2. Mix peanuts and dark chocolate chips...I love sweet and salty together!  plus you have your protein and antioxidants!!

3. chocoloops - consists of peanut butter whole grain chereos, a little peanut butter and Walden farms chocolate dip. Mix all together and enjoy! Better than a Reece cup....almost.

4. No Bake cookies....that's bake cookies! They are almost as good. 

Ingredients: cocoa powder, peanut butter, rolled oats, sugar free maple syrup, honey, coconut flakes...mix, roll into balls and refrigerate.  

happy eating!!