Winter Sunless Tanning

Tired of winter paleness? Just do a little self tanning to make you have the summer glow in December. Here are some helpful tips!

1. Exfoliate - be sure to do this frequently to keep the dry skin at bay. Using a few tablespoons of baking soda in your normal scrub helps bring the PH balance back to your skin.  

2. Moisturize between tanning sessions to keep the tan looking fresh longer.

3. Shower before applying tanner and wait to shower after for at least 8 hours. Gives the DHA time to develop on the skin. 

4. Shave as little as you can get away with.  

5. Go very lightly on the hands and feet. They absorb color easier than other parts of the body.

6. Be open to putting tanner on certain points of the body that need it instead of doing an all over application. 

7. My favorite at home tanner is Banana Boat Deep Lotion from walmart for $7...they only sell it in summer in my area of KY so stock up! I've used this one for years!!! 



8. Have a professional do it if you can. It is worth the money to have it look amazing. I like 2 different girls thay apply it to you directly...not a machine. 

1. Joni Beth with Belle Solie 2. Carrie at her nail studio in Ludlow, Ky. If you contact us I can give you their contact info...both are awesome..

9. If you are doing it by a machine, I would go to a Mistic Tan "My Mist" I use Medium in the winter with a Single Mocha Kissed Bronzer so it looks more natural in colder climates. I do dark when I am going on vacation.  

10. Skip the face, you can use concealer and bronzer instead of your regular foundation. Keeps the face looking more even.  

Happy Tanning!