What I have learned from Nascar...

As you all may have seen on Social Media this past year, I had the opportunity to start working with NBC Sports doing makeup for Nascar.  I absolutely loved every minute of it.  The people were so nice, handled stressful situations well and were all very accommodating.  Through the races that I got to be involved in here are a few things I learned….


1.       Never judge a book by its cover

If you stand back and watch the spectators at the races you may think…”What the heck?!” However some of the people that other people in a traditional setting are the nicest and coolest people ever with inspirational stories if you just talk to them.  Most of the time you can’t even tell the difference between the racecar drivers, the legends and the spectators. You never know who you will see walking around in jeans and a baseball hat.

2.       Fanatics are not crazy, they are filled with positive energy

I have never seen a more loyal group of people in my life.  They passionately LOVE the sport and the people involved.  One time I had a woman ask me for a photo with my hairspray can because she works in a hair salon and they use the big sexy hairspray that I was using.  Their enthusiasm, if you change your perspective on it, isn’t crazy, their enthusiasm is infectious making you happy and excited as well.  Fans love God, love Nascar and LOVEAmerica (and not in that order lol)

3.       Always stay on your toes, things can change at any moment

Before working with the races, I had never actually watched a Nascar race.  After sitting and watching it was very representational of life. At times we start out strong and at times we start out behind, there are times where we are going full speed and times when we have to refuel, we may have a blow out or two, sometimes we are going full speed and sometimes we are rolling with the caution flag.  Hopefully not, but often so there are tragic events like a wreck that can happen at any moment.  Most importantly, no matter what everyone finishes. Either first or last, the drivers never give up and cross the finish line anyway.  The races are unpredictable so is life, so everyone invoved are on their toes to prepare for the moments when control is gone. 

4.       Surround yourself with people that have got your back

Nascar, although it seems like an individual sport, it is a team sport. There are large groups of people that work on the cars, sponsors, driver support, pit bosses, track attendants, security, public relations people, the list goes on and on…bottom line, the drivers are successful because they have people around then that if they ever need anything the team has their back.

5.       Be grateful to everyone who has supported you

One thing that continually impresses me is that if you look at other celebrities they run in and out of buildings with security 20 deep per person. Not in Nascar. The drivers who have millions of fans will walk around with NO security not to mention they stop and sign autographs even when they don’t have to. They are never annoyed by the constant bombarding of fans and photos.  Dale said to me one time that if it weren’t for the fans, that they wouldn’t have a job.  They are truly grateful to their fans and they don’t casually thank people on social media…they SHOW their gratitude by giving their time and making their fans feel important. 

6. Family is important - You would be shocked to see that when drivers win races there are two people immediately by their side...their wife and their children.  Their CHILDREN are a HUGE part of their career.  If you scroll through the Nascar website you will see galleries of "Drivers with Kids at Holidays" or "Drivers with Kids at Halloween". Families of drivers even carry on the legacy, generation after generation.  You don't see musicians win the CMA's and have their kids with them to accept the award however when a driver wins, their kids tend to be more photographed than they are.  

7.       Enjoy life

Boy, oh boy do people involved in this sport LOVE life.  Ultimately, it is a sport…it is for fun! Although it is a money maker it is also a GREAT time!! Life is too short NOT to enjoy every bit of what you are doing. 

Love life ya’ll!