What I CAN'T do for you....

What is my nightmare? I meet a beautiful Bride to Be for the first time. She is glowing, naturally beautiful and super excited for her big day. I start the trial by asking if she has a look that she wants and she shows me these pics....

With the statement that follows, "I want something really "poppy" but natural. I want my eyes to look big but really natural.  HERE IS THE PROBLEM.....these women are BEAUTIFUL but they have SOOOO much makeup on.  I already know if I put that much makeup on my Bride to Be she is going to feel like she looks more like......

Let me be clear, myself and all the other Glossa Girls CAN do any kind of makeup that you want. Heck, if you wanted to look like a ZOMBIE on your wedding day with full on prosthetic cheekbones, WE CAN do that.  So to illustrate some boundaries on wedding makeup lets talk about what I CAN'T do for you....

1. I CAN'T make you look like Kim Kardashian. I can do a smokey eye, yes but you are not going to like the way it looks on you if you normally wear some brown eyeshadow and eye liner.  

2. I CAN'T make full coverage foundation look "natural". Full coverage is full coverage. What I CAN do is use my artist skills to give you a flawless look regardless of the technical coverage.  

3. I CAN'T promise I am going to use ALL of anything....all name brand, all organic, all cruelty free...I TRY to be aware of ethical production practices of cosmetic companies, I try to be aware of ingredients, and I try to use the BEST products for my clients however I like what I like and what in my professional opinion think works best. 

4. I CAN'T pretend I like airbrush.  I don't think its a great choice for a wedding makeup.  I think a lot of makeup artists cheat by using an airbrush gun to spray on a formula equivalent to a tinted moisturizer which is misleading to the public. It DOES NOT take skill to airbrush for a wedding. It DOES NOT make your makeup artist more professional or trendy because they use it.  However, if you want it we do it. OUR way. We use a 50/50 formula which is the best formula for wearability and look.  

5. I CAN'T do plastic surgery. There is only so much highlighting or contouring or brow lifting or lip plumping I can do with makeup that will make a difference and not have you looking like a community theater actor walking down the isle.

I want to do makeup for ANY client who is willing to sit in my chair with an open mind on how I can help them look their best, the best version of them-self not the best copy cat of a picture from pinterest. I DO want to look at Pintrest pictures with you and talk about what you think looks pretty on other girls.  So maybe here are some questions you can think about before your trial run....

1. What color tones do you prefer? Warms? Cooler tones?

2. What shape of eye shadowing do you like best? Rounder shape or more elongated? Cat eye?

3. Do you prefer a shimmery shadow or more matte?

4. Do you like shimmery highlighter or more of a blushed look?

5. Do you like your brows lightly filled in, groomed or heavily drawn in?

6. What do you normally do when you go out at night?

7. Think of a time when you got really done up, what did you like most about how you looked?

Answering some of these questions will help us get to the bottom of what is going to look best on YOU and I CAN promise that we will make you look like the best version of you that we can!

See you soon!!