Vendor Review - Jessi and Sarah

For those of you who don't know, I (Lyndsey Yeager, owner of Glsosa Makeup) not only have a business in the wedding industry....I am rounding the bases to have a stand off with Katherine Heigel in 27 dresses...having this Feb be my 14th wedding that I have been in. Yep, you heard it right. Between all of my sorority sisters weddings, my sister, my cousin, my best friend at 19 to Lily's Aunt Jen at 25...I have had a TON of friends and family over the past 15 years get married.  I have been in weddings in Mexico, New Jersey, in an airplane hangar, at a horse stable to the biggest Catholic wedding I have ever seen.  I must say practice DOES make perfect. This past weekend was amazing.  Being able to suggest to the bride the best cake vendor, an amazing florist, what bridesmaids style dress would work well along with fit and so on....I LOVED Sarah and Jessi's Wedding. Of course, being the control freak I am, I had asked another Glossa Girl to come do our makeup but I ended up doing it myself.  It just seemed only appropriate....she is one of my best friends after all! It has been a whirl wind for this amazing couple....all in one year we have had a baby shower for them, the engagement, a new house, had the baby, the wedding shower, the bachelorette and the wedding all IN ONE YEAR!!!! PLUS Sarah has just opened a new Therapist Practice as of last week!!! So, decisions had to be made quick and firm and I think Sarah made some of the best! Here is a list of her vendors...

Venue: Belle Event Center - This place was beautiful and the food was delish! The Event coordinator was very sweet and helpful!

Photographer: Amy Oliver Photography - This was the first time I had worked with Amy but she was awesome. I loved how quick she was because it was so cold, BUT she got great shots and was very engaging at the reception. 

Cake: Marilyn's in Ludlow - What can I say, she's always the best...and my neighbor!

Dresses: David's Bridal - We went with out BM dresses here because we got a discount. However, having purchased 15 before this one I was disappointed with the quality of the dress for the price BUT on a side note, I actually SWEAR I WILL wear it again and it was very comfortable! Her dress from David's was stunning!

Accessories: Etsy - Sarah ordered these online and I LOVED the necklaces and scarves. If you are a bride USE ETSY!

Flowers: The Belle has such cool set ups, minimal flowers are needed! Bonus! But our flowers were done by Emily Rose of Artistic Floral Design in Lawrenceburg. She DID AMAZING. I was fairly descriptive as a BM on what the Brides glowers should look like and she hit the nail on the head. They held up all day and smelled amazing! Love her and she services NKY and Cincinnati!!

Hair: Megan Morgan - God Love Megan! We are friends, but have done several weddings together now and she always does exactly what everyone wants.  Our hair was amazing. On top of it we had a Champagne Emergency, her Boyfriend came over with 2 bottles for us! She makes EVERY client feel like they are her best friend.  Cannot say enough about her!! She owns a Salon in Cincinnati (Hyde Park) LOOK HER UP!!!

Makeup: By me of course!!