This might be unusual, a MAKEUP blog posting about Suits…but I want to hook all my competitor clients up with some GREAT information on SUITS BY AMY! I am all about making you look good on stage and so is she!

I ¬†was at the Arnold this past year and stopped by the booth “Suits By Amy” and met the owner Amy. She was so nice! I had heard wonderful things about her suits. I stood in awe looking at what hung around her booth…BEAUTIFUL suits perfectly adorned with BLING BLING BLING! I loved her suits! With the lights in the showroom beaming down I could only imagine how beautiful her suits look on stage. Her website also showcases many PROS who have felt the same way and worn her suits on stage. There is a look for everyone, a price to fit any budget and the names are super cute too! Above are a few of my favorite suits!

Take a look for yourself @