This is for you Traci!

A long time client and friend text messaged me the other night asking for a recommendation on Channel foundation.  I had suggested it to her a few years ago.  I told her that my NEW jam, as I have mentioned before, is Dolce and Gabbana foundation! LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I have my own mother using it that's how much I love it!! I also suggested she take a look at Born this Way concealer by Two Faced.  I forgot to ask Traci if she needed a concealer for under the eye or for the face.  Born this Way concealer I really like for highlighting and under the eye BUT for blemishes and brown spots I still think that the Laura Mercier Secret Weapon is the best bet. Below are Details on all 3 Products.  For Bushes, refer to my earlier BLOG about the Urban Decay Blur Brush for foundation. It is the best!

This is the foundation I LOVE, the Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation, however there is a downfall to it. They don't make it in a super pale color. The lightest color has more of a yellow undertone to it.  It only comes in 4 colors total.  SO if someone has super dark skin there isn't a shade to support that as well.  The click through will take you to SAKS to purchase. They do free shipping and returns so I suggest to get the two colors you think are closest and return the others.  The colors are: 

Bisque - Pretty pale with a yellow undertone would consider "light" not fair or porcelain though. 

Carmel - It is more tan...I would think of this as a Medium tone. I definitely has pink undertones.

Creamy - Is similar to Caramel, it is a tiny bit darker.  This is my summer color the color I use if I have been spray tanning.   Again, pink undertones. 

Natural Beige - Is the darkest color they have.  It will go on most dark skin tones, but if someone is very dark in complexion it won't work.  Think of Milk Chocolate and not Dark Chocolate. : ) 

The finish on the foundation is a more moisturizing fuller coverage foundation.  It feels super luxurious and looks amazing on all skin types.  

Dolce does make a Matte foundation, which I feel is a pretty full coverage and a Luminous Liquid which is similar to a tinted moisturizer but a little more elevated if that makes sense.  I do like both of these other options and they do come in a more range of colors.  The powder foundation is even pretty nice and typically I do not like powder foundations.  

Born This Way Concealer: 

There are several colors. These range from very pale to dark.  I like to choose a shade a tiny bit lighter so I can use it as a highlighter and a concealer.  

You should be able to click on the product to take you to Two Faced directly. If not, click link below so it takes you to my account with them.  Traci you are probably Medium or light medium if you are using it as a highlighter as well. 


Glossa Girl Two Faced Account

Let me know if you have any questions!!!