The skinny on extensions...

A common question I get about extensions for competition, “Do you provide them or do I need to get them and bring them to the hair appointment?”. The competitor is responsible for bringing them with them. They DO require more time, and so you must book a 45 min appointment which does cost a little extra, so to have that extra full and long look, it costs some money. Common question #2. “Are they really important to get a long look” answer…Depends. Typically no matter how long your hair is, to get that Carrie Underwood, bomb shell volume, you DO need extensions. With all that said, when you PURCHASE hair these are the things to look for….
1. REAL hair. To get them to look natural and blend with curls to your hair, real hair is the only way to go. Synthetic hair is hard to curl and quite frankly looks cheap typically.

2. Get a length according to your need. If you get 18 in extensions and your hair is only 12 in long, it is going to look ridiculous. If you have 12 in hair already, get 14 in extensions. Your extensions should only be about 2-3 in longer than your natural hair cut. If you want 18 in hair, you need to go get professional extensions put in…not clip ins. It takes hours for a real stylist to accurately build the hair to look long and natural which is something that cant easily be done on the morning of competition.

3. CLIPS sewn IN! You may find cheaper extensions that don’t have the clips sewn in. These are used by salons and pros who have the time to sew them in. It is complicated and not something you can do on your own without professional training. Get the clips sewn in.

4. Make sure you get a full set, not just one strip or track. If they seem inexpensive it may be because they are selling you 1 track. For a full set of extensions you should have several tracks and side pieces.

5. Pick a color that matches the middle color of your hair. The extensions are going to go under the hair and blended with your hair on top so you want them to blend with the underneath.

Now that you have your extensions what do you do?

1. If you have colored hair or highlighted hair, go have them colored professionally to match.

2. I suggest doing a consult appt with a pro to get them to cut them ahead of time to match your hair style.

3. The night before the show, take them out of the package and lay them out to “breathe”, wrap them in a towel and bring them to your appointment.

4. If they are dirty, wash and dry them completely a few days BEFORE the show. If you bring them wet, we cannot use them.

Other than that they should be good to go and ready to use!
Happy Shopping!