The Saving Game - An Article in December Allure issue

I recently read this article in my favorite magazine, Allure.  As most Americans who are looking to cut pennies where they can I was intrigued by the title “The Saving Game”.  I don’t know if I necessarily agree with the writer or consulting Makeup Artist however, she has some good ideas on whereto save money, be skimpy on and where to splurge.  In synopsis this is what they had to say:

Hair - Save money by avoid “blow outs”.  I agree. It is easy to do your own blow out at home and any stylist can give at home tips and product recommendation that can assist in your hair type looking as good as possible.  You can be skimpy on shapoo.  I agree as well. If you go super skimpy and get your shampoo from the $1.00 bin you may be damaging your hair by using basically just detergent on your hair which is harsh.  But, by boosting up a few $ to the $4.00 - $5.00 range the shampoos tend to add in conditioning agents and moisturizers.  Where do you get to splurge? In color, of course! They recommend going to the salon for your highlights and color.

Skincare - Save by skimping facials.  I agree. You can buy products at home and do it yourself for cheaper and it will be more effective to have them once a week vs. the one time application.  Skimp on Glycoic peels. Who pays to get those anyway anymore? There are so many products that have light exfoliation in them or even do it at home peels.  The magazine recommends Avon’s Retexturizing Peels, I have never tried it but it is reasonably priced at $25! Splurge on anti-aging benifits.  Of course! Again so many products have great anti-aging benefits it is easy to do this.

Makeup - Save by skipping primer? I DO NOT agree. I think it is a BASIC! If you have ever read any of my articles you will know what I mean,, but ultimately It helps your skin care work better, foundation last longer and you use less foundation when you use primer therefor SAVING money in the long run…so I think primer is a must! Where do I think you can save on? Expensive eyeshadows. There are plenty of great eye shadows with strong pigment in the drugstore.  No need to pay $20.00 when you could pay $2.00 for a similar item.  Skimp on mascara, eyeliner and lipstick.  I kinda agree. Yes you can get some great mascaras and lipsticks at the drugstore.  A long wear or waterproof eyeliner is a little more tricky I think.  With the cheap ones you have to beware of running and looking thick, not natural, not good.  Splurge on Foundation.  I AGREE! This is one of the most important products you put on your face! Whether it is a powder foundation, liquid, tinted moisturizer or stick foundation the money if for sure worth it!

XOXO -Lyndsey