The problem with Pinterest

We LOVE Pinterest and we realize that 95% of brides are wedding planning gathering wonderful ideas through the site. When it comes to choosing makeup and hair looks that you like for your big day there is an abundance of beautiful models on the site with stunning looks to choose from….UNFORTUNATELY. Why? Why the negativity? First of all, we are looking at pictures and pictures are deceiving. Most of the pictures you find are photoshopped at minimum but also are taken with a professional camera, in a studio and under the perfect lighting. Did you know EVERYONE can simply photoshop any picture through an app on their phone? So, how do you know what’s right for you? Here are a few tips for selecting a look that will work for you….

  1. Bring in pictures of when YOU have had your makeup done and really liked it! We have all been in weddings where we have liked how we looked or at least had a pic or two of when we actually nailed the winged liner and documented it on Facebook. Bring those in for your artist to reference.

  2. At MINIMUM filter the peoples makeup you choose by choosing someone who looks like YOU. Who has a similar eye shape, hair color, skin color and face shape.

  3. Look at REAL picture and not models in a picture. Take a look at friends Instagrams or other friends who have gotten married and pick out what you like about pictures they have had done. Did you like a lip color? Hair style?

  4. Be realistic about what YOUR hair can and can’t do. If you have thin hair, having a huge updo isn’t probably a good option for you. (most of the up dos on Pin have extensions included). If you have curly hair or if your hair doesn’t hold curl be aware of that and do something that works with what you have going on. The LAST thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is if your curl is falling or vice versa.

  5. Be mindful of your overall wedding theme. For example, are you having a flowy dress with a flower crown, outdoor with the girls in lavender? Maybe your look should include light shimmery eyes and soft pink lips. It would look off to put a smokey eye with a red lip here because that would be a more “vintage” style which wouldn’t compliment the overall feel of your wedding. I always ask brides what does your dress look like, what to the girls dresses look like, what color are they, what flowers will you have, are you inside or out, how are you wearing your hair, do you have a vail….all of these things help us get a vision of what your wedding is all about so we can help you choose a look that is in theme. I mean you wouldn’t wear heels to a beach wedding, right?

  6. Be open to your artists suggestions when you show them your Pin Pics. We will directly tell you what we can and CANNOT do with the look you are wanting. Be open to that, that is why you have hired us for our 20 years experience in Wedding Makeup!!