"The Five min. Face"

This seems to be a “trend” lately in beauty news…I have seen clips on You Tube even famous makeup artists are writing articles, even books about the topic.  Well, I am not sure 5 min is exactly the “Magic Number” but it only takes me on average 8 min to do my makeup in the morning.  If everyone follows about the same time line, everyone has time to do the same. 13 Products in 8 min, totally do-able!

Time line-

Start - 1 min - Apply Primer - This is KEY to making makeup go on smoother and last all day!

1 min - 2 min - With a wedge sponge apply Foundation. Start in the “T” zone and blend out.

2 min - 3 min - Pat Concealer under the eyes and spot conceal any blemishes, veins or spots that need to be covered up. Don’t forget to pat concealer on the eye lids to the brow bone to neutral out the skin tone.

3 min - 3:15 sec- Dust a Translucent Powder across entire face.

3:15 sec - 3:30 sec - Brush on Highlighter

3:30 sec - 3:45 sec - Dust a light neutral shade of Eyeshadow on the eye lid

3:45 sec - 4 min - Use a darker Eyeshadow to line the lash line on the top and bottom

4 min - 5 min - Brush Brow Powder in brows and set with a clear Brow Gel

5 min  - 5:30 sec - Brush on Blush on the apples of the cheeks

5: 30 sec - 6:30 sec - Apply Mascara

6:30 sec - 7:30 sec - Apply Lip Color (This may take less than a min if you are not lining the lips)

7:30 sec - 7:45 sec - Spray on Fixer.  This helps the makeup stay on all day!

7:45 sec - 8 min - Say to yourself in the mirror 3 times, “I am a beautiful, confident woman and today is going to be a great day!” Seriously! Everyday, DO IT! The power of positive words is incredible.

Happy Application!!!


Lyndsey Marie