The deal on Versa....

I have clients ask me all the time, how do you maintain your summer “color” year round? The secret is out…I do spray tanning called Versa Spa.  I am usually asked the same question repeatedly “ Doesn’t it make you look orange?” The answer is no.  It is more brown based vs. orange based so even if you have fair skin a level 1 will give you a “glow”.  Versa Spa is at Cincinnati Tan Company’s locally.  The “clear” version has less odor and the same color result…the “bronze” version gives you instant color.  Not sure which is better.  Here are a few tips before you go:

1. It helps to use a “pre-tanning” spray. They have it at Cincinnati Tan Company.  It helps the tan last loger and work better.

2. To pro-long the tan after, use a “tan extender”…it is a little more pricey than the pre-spray but it helps the tan extend a week.  Perfect if someone is going on a honeymoon after the wedding and want to keep their color.

3. Everyone should exfoliate well before going to Versa.  You want to have nothing on the skin for the tan to be most effective.  Below is a recipe for a great Salt scrub that is easy to make at home.

Salt Scrub:

30 Drops of Lavender essential oil

½ cup of olive oil

½ cup of dead sea salts

Mix the Essential oil first with the olive oil and gradually add in the salts.