Take it from Martha! Essenstials that make sense!

Martha Stewart Magazine says…..


1. Multipurpose brushes - use mascara spoolies to seperate lashes, brush brows and smooth fine hair on face. 

2. Brow Tamer - They talked about using clear brow gel to tame the brows….I agree but a quick trick is to take one of the above “essential” mascara spoolies and spray a little hairspray on it and smooth over brows.  If that is too flaky, use clear mascara or ELF Clear brow Gel! Only $1! It’s awesome!

3. Modern Makeup sponge - Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge $10 at Target…better than the latex disposable ones. You can wash it and reuse. 

4. Pointy tipped Q-tips - Take makeup mistakes to perfect accuracy.  Use a pointed q-tip instead of traditional cotton swab.  Micro Point 2 sided cotton swabs $2 for $25. 

5. No Pinch Lash Curler - MAC just came out with an awesome curler!!! Closest I have seen to Shu Umura’s. 

6. Spot Cleansing wipes - Can clean off one little area and not the whole face if not needed.  Great for travel.