Sweet Potato Mask - TRY it!


- ½ medium sweet potato (enzymes and vitamins)

- 3 tablespoons honey (great for hydration)

- 2 steeped green tea bags (caffeine)

- 1 egg white (tightener)

- For REALLY dry skin add 3 tablespoons non flavored Greek Yogurt

How to make:

- Cut Sweet Potato in half and wrap in paper towel…stick in microwave to soften. While that is cooking, brew a cup of water with 2 tea bags. When green tea is fully steeped remove tea bags to use the liquid.

- After you have everything prepared, mix all ingredents together. Make sure the sweet potato is cooled before you put on the skin. Apply to face and neck, fairly thinly. Leave on for about 3 min total and rinse off with water.

- Damp dry and wash any residue off skin with warm water and mild cleanser. Works great if you wash and steam your face before applying mask so pores are open.