As most of our competitors know, when you use LSR Beauty Team we send you a survey to give us feedback on how your experience was . I just thought I would share some of our recent surveys. 

The following artists mentioned were: Elspeth, Melissa, Carmen, Alicia, Candace, Alicia T. and Lyndsey.

Question: “What would you change about your experience?”


“ I thought the experience was great! I will def use you all again”

“Everyone was awesome and actually calmed my nerves! I wouldn’t change anything”

“You guys are wonderful, I had a truly amazing experience”

“Keep doing what you are doing!”

“You all were great! See you {next weekend}!”

“It was fantastic, best hair and makeup company I have ever used!”

“Everyone was amazing”

“I wish every hair and makeup team were like the women of LSR/Glossa!”

Those were just a few….thanks ladies for the comments and thanks artists for doing a superb job!