Steps to a Comepetition Look!!!

Thanks Julie and Fit Body Team for allowing me to come to your meeting Saturday! As promised here is a quick run down of what I was talking about at the meeting.  Hope this helps! Just so you all know I think I am planning on being at the competition in November to do appointments in the morning!



1. Skincare - Make sure you are in a routine!!! Skip the moisturizer the day of the competition.  If you are feeling dry use the Evian Spray water as a light moisturizer.  The least moisture the better for lights.

2. Primer - Way important in the “wear” of your makeup.  Put on before foundation and after your tanner.  This will also help protect your skin from the rough products.  This product is good to use on an everyday process as well… Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer - $32.00

3. Foundation - Don’t forget to put tanner on the back of your hand to match a foundation to.  You are going to be 10 times darker than a normal foundation color.  Very Oily Skin - MAC Studio Fix Foundation Powder , Oily to Normal Skin - Ben Nye Matte Foundation, Normal to Dry Skin - Revlon Color Stay Foundation.

4. Translucent powder - This is going to keep your foundation on longer and absorb the oil and sweat from the lights.  Remember what I showed you in the meeting about “loading” your puff and the pressing motion to get the powder in good to the skin. This again is a great thing to do in your normal makeup routine.  LauraMercier Translucent Powder - $40 ish….Ben Nye has a great DARK translucent powder that will be great over the tanning products.

5. Eyes - Use a good eye shadow base.  Use light shimmery colors to make the eye look more open.  Use a waterproof cake liner as eye liner to prevent “running”. Exaggerate eye liner.  Add eye lashes to make eyes look more open…MAC #20’s they are partial so easy to apply or cut the drugstore brand to make partials. Avoid dark eye shadows!

6. Bronzer - Use a Matte not a shimmery bronzer. Under lights Shimmer = Shine.

7. Cheeks - Too much blush is PERFECT! Use a relatively bright color because it has to show up more over tanner.  Apply to the cheek bones.

8. Lips - A bright color will seem dramatic but it will need to show up.  Corals and Pinks are nice.

9. Fixers - Choose the strongest fixer possible to keep makeup on if possible.  Like Ben Nye or Krylon.  If you can’t stand the sticky feeling go with a Makeup Forever or MAC fixer.

10. Maintain - Cary with you backstage: A loaded puff with translucent powder (for blotting) Blotting papers, lip color touch up, and eye lash glue in case of an emergency.

Good Luck Ladies!!!!