Skincare???? YES!!!!

Straight up, if you want the perfect makeup application start with taking care of your skin. One thing I learned from working with Laura Mercier, that the goal of makeup artistry should be to use the LEAST amount of makeup for the MOST impact. Of course with this theory, the better your skin is…the better your makeup application is going to look. In preparation for your big day or special event, try working on taking great care of your skin! Here are a few tips to practice on the daily…..

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  1. DON’T WAIT - Getting into a good skincare routine sooner than later will maximize your results. Don’t wait until two weeks before the day to start, start ASAP! No matter what, do NOT try anything new with your skin the month of the event.

  2. Exfoliate - Sometimes the skin can look dull because of the dead skin sitting on top of the skin. Be sure that you are doing a gentle exfoliation one to two times a week. This can be done with a gentle exfoliating scrub. One of our favorites is the Clarins One Step gentle exfoliating cleanser.

  3. Consider micro-needling at home. This sounds scary but we promise its not. Micro-needling can cost $$$ so consider the investment of a good roller at home to use. This helps the skin open up to the treatment that it receives. There are very high priced ones, but even adding one of these more expensive versions helps - Roller

  4. Serum? This is something we have found people skip in their skincare routine that can REALLY boost your natural glow if added. There are all different forms so how do you know what is right for you? Well…..whats your goal?

    Fine Lines - look for a product with Vitamin A and Hyaluronic  Acid like this one from Tru Skin

    Brighten Skin - Try a great product with Vitamin C - Mad Hippie

    Acne - When skin is acne prone it is much more likely to be deficient in critical omegas and vitamins. Try MD Complete Healthy Complexion Booster $25

    Dry - Neutrogena Hydro Boost Serum

    MY FAVORITE AND MUCH WORTH IT SERUM OF ALL TIME - Le Mer The Concentrate. If you ever are going to splurge I tell all my brides to do this, even just this once. Of course it will spoil you with how glowingly amazing your skin looks but WOW, you won’t even need a highlighter! Yes, it is almost $400 but you could prob. get away with buying 3 or 4 samples online to prepare you for your big day…I suggest using all serums for at minimum of 3 months for best results.

  5. Healing your skin - Whether you have extremely dry skin or oil prone skin, adding a product with probiotics in it. It helps from the inside out. La Roche Posay Double Repair

  6. H2O!!!! Drink LOTS of water! It will help your skin look better as well as Green Tea or Detox Dandelion Root Tea! Here is my favorite! It can also help shed a few pounds.

  7. Facials - Yes, having a gentle facial can help boost your skin. You are at a phase of life where people are showering you with gifts, so let some of your bridesmaids or future mother in law know you are interested in having a gift certificate to a local spa that offers an oxygen or hydro facial!

  8. Vitamins - We are NOT doctors, so please check with your doctor before starting new vitamins but taking a Probiotic (get ones in the refrigerated section) , vitamin C, Omegas and Biotin can help your skin and hair from the inside out.

There you have it!! Hopefully these skincare tips will help you prepare for your big day! We can’t wait to meet you.