Skincare - the battle with cleansers....

Do we wash our faces once a day? Twice a day? To tone or not to tone? And that is all before the moisturizer?!?!?

1. Just wash your face once a night.  If you have really oily skin you might re-wash in the morning, but it is not necessary.

2. Don’t assume that you need to use a cleanser just cause you have since you were 12.  If you are concerned about anti-aging switch to a mild foaming cleanser. If you have developed adult acne, try a cleanser with light salicylic acid, Irritated skin? Use a mild creamy cleanser! Don’ be scared to try different things! Cleansers are the safest way to do so.

3. Use warm water when cleansing. Not HOT it can damage the skin and not cold it doesn’t “close the pores” like we were always told.

4. Make sure you cleanse your WHOLE face and not just parts.  Don’t forget about your neck, ears and hairline!

5. Skip TONER! Yes, that is right.  If it can actually be more damaging on the skin versus good.  If you want to use any treatment like a toner, use a deep sea water.  Laura Mercier makes a great one.  It will actually penetrate your pores and your body recognizes it as its own “water” molecules.