Skincare 101

I think the hardest part about deciphering the skincare “puzzle” is understanding the ingredients and what they do.  I know for myself it starts to seem like they all do the same thing so it is hard to figure out which one is right for me.  Maybe this tutorial on ingredients will help…

Alpha Hydroxy Acids - loosen dead cells from skin’s surface

Antioxidants - fight free radicals that accelerate anti aging

Anti-inflammatory - reduce puffiness

Emollients - form a protective film to trap moisture

Exfoliates - remove dead skin cells and debris

Fatty Acids - protect skin barrier

Humectants - attract moisture from the air and bond it to the skin

Hyaluronic acid - helps maintain proper moisture levels

Vitamins - added to products for skin wellness

Vitamin A - improves skin’s elasticity, promotes even texture, and promotes new cell growth

Vitamin C - enhances collagen production for firmer skin

Vitamin E adds moisture and repairs tissue

Tutorial by Diane Irons