Reflections from the road....

With my time schedule all thrown off, awake thinking about this weekend. Sometimes things may not be financially profitable but every experience opens a new door, brings new opportunities and helps you grow...but ONLY if you reflect and learn.  So as I gather my thoughts, I am sharing them!

1. Preplanning saves you in the long run....I didn't plan this trip very well. I booked my flight and hotel only a month away from the trip, booked a rental car whole ON the trip, and didn't make reservations early enough for places we wanted to go eat and experience. 

2. If you aren't satisfied with something speak up!....the moment they gave me my room which was "unsatisfactory" to put it nicely, I should have spoke up about my displeasure. So what if it would have waved the water a little bit, I work hard for my money and I should get what I pay for and no less.

3. We took cabs sometimes on our trip but because of the inconvenience and cost we walked a lot. Lesson learned: Bring some comfy shoes because life is more interesting when you walk the walk, take the  long road and stop to look around you. Comfy SHOES!!!!

4. Stand up for your worth....I realize that sometimes you have to comprise on the price of your service in order to secure business  when the competition is stiff, you do what you can. However, you shouldn't sacrifice your value. I worked soooooo hard this weekend to end up not feeling compensated fairly or valued and that's an icky feeling. People won't recognize  your value until you recognize it first.

5. Confirm, confirm and Re confirm. Even though you may feel annoying business is stated above your time is valuable and unless people literally put their money where their mouth is, things can go 50 directions and you end up confused. So as annoying as it is. Get it in writing, CONTRACT it and make penalties for amendments. It will result in a lot less confusion in the end.

6. Be YOU! You can't be afraid to be you. Even if it's not popular. Even if it doesn't fit. I spoke up a lot this weekend about my faith and instead of being criticized i actually made a lot of connections with other Christian women. It was nice to openly talk about our beliefs and see there are others that share common values. 

7. Be may be akward at first, but if you don't feel like things are fair then you need to be honest about your feelings. People might not agree but they can't tell you your feelings are wrong. They are YOUR feelings. 

8. Feeling beautiful and confident is based out of your own thinking. Let's be honest, I have enjoyed a summer of icecream and margaritas and not training. I've prob gained 15lb total and was really worried about it for the past month. I trained pretty hard for a month and saw some results but still wasn't up to my norm and felt really off. After the first night of being around all the beautiful people in vegas I decided that it didn't matter my size, it mattered how I felt about myself and once I decided that I felt good, that's all that mattered. 

9. If you ask for the Lord's guidance on things or situations he gives you the answers even if the answer isn't in a package you thought it would be. When you rely on your faith it all works out. 

10. It REALLY does pay off to be nice and patient to everyone. You never know who needed the smile or how it may benifit you in the end  (not that that's a reason to be nice) but it does sometimes pay off. That's how we got our amazing Jeep Wrangler for the weekend by being super nice to the car guy who was having a bad day.

11. Make clients prepay when you are traveling across the country. You have commited to being there for then so they need to commit to you.  Basic concept I know.

12. It's very freeing not to wear a bra. I've never not done this before, and in wore a dress on the last night you couldn't tell I didn't have one on. Now I know what the liberalism movement was about with burning the bras. It was so much less restrictive and nice to not worry about pulling it up all night haha. 

13. I don't tank the people around me enough for helping me through life in work (Elle and melissa) and at home with Lily.

14. I was reminded that Lily us my everything. I love that little girl so much. It was nice to have mommy time but I need her daily like we need water to survive. Love, love, love.

Welp, those are my lessons learned. Hope they have been something you can learn from as well!!! Have a wonderful day!!!