Puffy under eyes? De-puff today!

Everyone can get caught up in 10000 eye creams that claim to “depuff”, firm, tighten and all sorts of fun parlor tricks.  Do they work? Maybe but if you want results fast…here are some time, told makeup artist tricks. 

1. Tea bags - Caffeine has been know as a  natural skin tightener. So, brew 2 green tea bags since green tea has a high caffeine mg, and let the bags cool slightly, put the tea bags on the eye as a “compress” for a few min. 

2. Spoons - A COLD compress can stop the inflammation as well, so wet s few spoons, put them in the freezer for a few min and slightly hold them on eyes as long as you can tolerate. 

3. Preparation H - Yes, this does work but DON’T over do it.  It is supposed to go on the rear after all.  So be sure to use a pea size for BOTH eyes, put it on finger tips and slightly rub BELOW the eye kinda on the cheek bones actually.  The cream will travel and you DON’T want this stuff in your eyes. 

4. Roller - A product like the “Garnier Roller Ball” not sure of the exact product name work well for an instant result.  Main ingredient- Caffeine, go figure. 

5. Makeup - There are tricks you can do with makeup to highlight to make the “puffiness” appear less…this is a WHOLE other blog…but basically, you need to use a shade lighter concealer on the “dark part” of the under eye and use a regular matching shade on the puffy part , blend and use a highlighting powder over the whole thing so that it appears the puffy part is the same “level” with the rest of the eye.  Kinda tricky to explain. 

6. Benadryl - Although it may not be like this due to allergies, it may help to take a antihistamine or something like that to help.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, let a professional do your eye makeup.  We ultimately know colors, tricks and application ways to do makeup to make things appear different.  Especially on stage.  We are not plastic surgeons BUT we can do more from an outside perspective than you can do in your bathroom. 

Good Luck Gals!