Oval "Toothbrush" Style Brushes....what's the deal?

Every time I whip these brushes out of my kit people are like....

1. "Ohhhhh that looks weird, what is it?"

2. "That feels Wonderful" 

These brushes are the BOMB. Here is why....Artistically, they have a density that helps catch the product whether it m concealer or powders and smooth it perfectly into place.  For setting powders, I usually like to use a puff but these brushes have a unique destiny that also helps blend insanely well.  Feeling wise, they are a treat for the rubbing puppies all over your face. Soft and amazing.  Lastly, the pressure. You are able to hold the brush in a way that applies a generous amount of pressure into the application which gives a whole new look.  

I have tries the "Mediocre" brands and the cheapies, we all know I like a good value. There are sets like the Fluenta Oval Set for $450! Wowzers! And I have tried the cheapies from Amazon.  The problem with the cheapies, the fibers in the brushes feel more coarse.  Also, when you go to apply the pressure needed to control the brush the cheap plastic snaps.  

The BEST middle of the road set is the one listed below.  It is moderately priced.  I say moderately because really out of the whole set you actually only use 3 brushes.  It looks like a great value for 10 brushes but there isn't a value if you don't use the other 7  brushes.  

These (for now) are my faves and I HIGHLY recommend them especially if you have wrinkles  or oily skin and need an "extra set" in your application.  


I use the Large powder for setting powder, the medium for foundation blending, the small for under the eye concealer and the angled small for under eye setting powder.  

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