Non Profits this season

Ok so call me dumb buy even though I have a Non Profit part to Glossa Professional Makeup Artistry  (Glossa Gives) and obviously I know what a 501C3 status is (where you get recognized by the government of officially being a non profit) from the perspective of the person in need I didn't know there was a difference in them. I always gave my "old stuff" to Goodwill and St. VINCENT De Paul. Not that those aren't great organizations but I never thought about the prices at these places. Couches are still 20 or 30 dollars, which is a lot cheaper than new, and clothes go for 2.00 to 10.00. Again, cheaper than new but what if your someone who had NO money. Like NONE.

Let me tell you a story...there was a young mom (18) that kept her new baby in a laundry basket at her apartment. The government helped her get a place and food stamps but not the furniture...she had NO money to buy anything so she slept on the floor with blankets and pillows and kept her baby in a Lundy basket next to her. She went around town and collected free magazines and cut out the pictures of trees and happy people and taped them to the wall (with a roll of tape she stole) and she got free baby toys from the health department for going to parenting classes. She washed their clothes in the bathtub with free dish soap she got from the pantry and hung in bathtub. She said she used cloth diapers at home so he could wash them and afford diapers for when they were out in public. In the day she would walk the baby in a free stroller she found in trash down to the library and would take online surveys to make money because she could have her baby there with her. She traveled to Cincinnati when her family disowned her for getting pregnant as a teen. When she got here to the city the baby dad lived, she found out he was married and had a family so he refused to talk to her. She had no money to go anywhere else and no where else to go anyway do after living in a women's shelter and getting some basic clothes and toiletries for her and the baby she settled here. THIS GIRL doesn't have $30 for a couch. She doesn't have $10 for a "new dress" she needs every cent. THIS GIRL is the reason organizations like BE CONCERNED in Covington, KY exist. 

Be Concerned is a non profit that prices everything in their thrift store at $0.50. And if you are someone like this girl that has nothing, they will give to you for free. They have a "store" with clothes, household items, toileties, and they have a food pantry. At Christmas they give toys away free and at reduced prices. It's a SMALL organization with 3 fI'll time positions with a BIG mission. To simply Help. After visiting this organization with my mom's group (we donated about 100 toys this year because they were about 200 short for their registered families in need) I went home and boxed up Christmas decorations, special holiday etire, jewlwery, gifts and dress boots and took them into Andy at Be Concerned. They were things I wanted. Things I would love to get as gifts. Things I didn't WANT to give up because "I may want to wear those $65 Steve Madden boots or use the glass serving dish" but hadn't in years so I just let it go. 

Often times we give away things that honestly we wouldn't want someone to give us. Clothes with holes in them, beat up shoes, t shirts that are stained. Walking into this store there and looking around it hit me of this concept of GIVE the things you WANT, that you can let go of. That means the most. I picture this mom going into Be Concerned and getting my cute boots and fur vest I donated for free to give her teenage daughter who has nothing and being so proud to give it. Or the husband that is spending every penny he makes in the toy store for his 5 kids and getting to go in an get a pretty crystal serving dish for his wife for free.

So I encourage all of you to seek out THESE types of organizations in your area. The ones that are free to people, and give of yourself what you would want to get. This experience has changed me and the way I donate....inside and out.