As a dance minor in college, I fully understand the emotional aspect of dancing. I have danced joyfully when I was happy. I have danced methodically to express emotion and I have danced to uplift my mood when I was down. There are several types of dance that I suggest that are expressive.  

1. Modern Type classes....usually these classes give you an emotion to focus on and a song to go with it. The rest is up to you! 

2. Nia - covers a range of movement and emotion.  

3. Retro Dance - Is fun for everyone to get out and simply move  

4. Line Dancing - as dumb as the electric slide at a wedding might seem, doing these types of dances we all know and love a lows you to move without thinking very much.  

If you are in Cincinnati, there are two places I recommend going. Dancefix a the Cincinnati Ballet. It's a hard class but it is good for those who have dance experience. Or if you want something a little more relaxed, the Shakti Factory by Mer Hogan. She is very much about free flow, free form and expressing yourself through organic movement. 



Happy Moving!