Miss Cleo

Not the psychic…going to an event tonight for women owned businesses and the highlight is the new Cleopatra exhibit at the Museum Center. Not only is this a perfect venue for women who are super empowered by their “womanhood” to own a business, it is PERFECT for Glossa! Did you know the urn in Glossa is the logo because it is the most ancient tool used for creaing amung other things the first cosmetics? Silt is the color of the urn to reperesent the first dyes (eyeliner) made. The urn in the Glossa logo represents timless beauty which can be in so many avenues of Glossa….timeless brides, timeless youth, even monents caught in time. So of course something as ancient as an urn belogs with the ancient beauty of Cleopatra! So excited! For sure going to feel the empowerment of the exhibit and the female energy tonight.