We take for granted some “drugstore” brands because we are trained to think that more expensive = better! So, what about a company like L'Oreal who is the world’s largest cosmetic company.  I personally have used their eye shadows and I love them! They have great singles and quad eye shadows as well as a Define-A-Line eye liner.  L'Oreal also owned Maybelline which has fantastic mascara.  Here is a fun fact  about Maybelline mascara….the creator T.L. Williams in 1913 observed his sister putting a mixture of Vaseline and Coal Dust on her lashes to make them darker and more full.  So he created Ultra Lash in 1960 which was the first mass market mascara.  Pretty interesting!

For a smokey eye with a warm gold undertone try the L'Oreal Velvet Crush quad.  It has a warmer undertone than greys so it adds a nice gold shimmer to the dramatic eye.

XOXO -Lyndsey