Kim Kardshian - The science behind the beauty

Here we go…If I had a dollar for everytime someone brought me a picture of Kim Kardashian and said “I want to look like this” I would be a millionaire.  Kim is BEAUTIFUL don’t get me wrong, but there are some tricks to her “look” that you can copy to create the similar structure of makeup.  As always, everyone needs to use colors that look good on them, aka not everyone can pull off THAT smokey of an eye.  But here are some tips to get the Kim K. look. Above is the before pic. 

The countouring…here is where Kim highlights and shadows.  You can do this with powders if you don’t know what you are doing. I find it easier to use cream foundation….do a - shade ligher than your skin for the highlight, your acutal foundation sahde for all over the face and a shade darker than your skin tone for the contour. 

Pinned Image

The eye…very Kim K. style. Don’t forget the false eyelashes!

Blush - NARS Orgasm is a good color

Don’t forget the Nude lips!

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MAC - Spice liner and Twig Lipstick - NO gloss

The finished product…..

Here’s hoping anyway!!

Good Luck!