It is always nice!

It is always nice when you can count on someone to do their job and do it well.  As a buisiness owner you have to be very careful who you let represent your company because well, it is your name on the chopping block at the end of the day.  Not that I had any doubt, but it is always nice to hear how well someone did that you were counting on.  Kat did a wedding for Glossa this weekend.  She did amazing at the trial, however just TWO days after the wedding the BRIDE sent this great email to Kat:

I just wanted to write you and thank you for making my make up so completely perfect! I looked great and received a million compliments! You did a great job and I would definitely recommend you in the future! Thanks!”

How impressive is that? The bride went out of her way to reach out to the artist.  Thanks Kat for all of your hard work and for being such a great representation of Glossa.