I am continually impressed by the talents people hide in their daily persona.  You never know if the guy sitting next to you with the funny hat may be an amazing painter or the mom with two kids at the store is actually a skilled poet (when she gets time to herself).  Your banker….ever stop to think if she could be a black belt in Karate? I met with a gentleman the other day who has, with his partner, impressed me thoroughly.  After talking a bit, found out he was a “math” guy in college. Bet his fellow students never saw “the guy in the math classes” as a talented writer and film producer extraordinaire! The encounter has me thinking about how we never just know the hidden talents people posses.  The old saying reins true….Never assume you can read a book by its cover.

PS Check out Pile Of Sand Productions….the script is awesome….these guys have it going on!

XOXO - Lyndsey