I recently had an author ask me if women spend too much money on cosmetics.  My general response was “no” even though it is reported that on average women spend $22 Billion a year on cosmetics.  There are many reasons why I beleive that women don’t overspend on cosmetics but a bonus to all of that cosmetic spending is the movement that cosmetic companies are making in supporting cancer research, donations to “Women helping Women” organizations and uplifting women programs.

L'Oreal - Has a women of worth program that recognizes women in their communities that are making strides for the greater good.  In addition L'Oreal has donated over $18 Million to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Smahbox - Joined PETA in committing to making their products cruelty free as well as donating to research facilities that do non-animal harm testing.

Estee Lauder, Chanel, Benifit and Lancome - Are a few among many who donate anually to the “Look Good….Feel Better” Campaign that provides products to  women that are in cancer treatment.

M.A.C - Viva La Glam has for years raised money for its annual campaign for the MAC AIDS Fund, which supports people (men, women, children) who are affected by AIDS and HIV.

These are just a few of the many donating companies.  Considering how much we spend annually on things like clothes, shoes, purses or that men spend on tools, DVD’s, or entertainment  cosmetics at least is giving back to the greater good of humanity so why not spend money on cosmetics?

XOXO -Lyndsey