HD makeup! Not under harsh lights!

People are always asking me about HD makeup and if they should use it for stage. No! This goes for Brides too so listen up! HD makeup looks awesome with the filter of the camera and the specific lights used when taping. SOME photographers flashes are sensitive to adjusting and filtering the appropriate way as well BUT there are always pics of stars out there snapped by cell phones, or just average flashes, or there are unfiltered fill lights around, then all the highlighting and shadowing associated with a contour map of the face is shown. Now, I don’t know if that was what was used on Kim here but this is a similar result as to what would happen if you used HD makeup under the inappropriate lighting. Same thing for stage, lights not sure? Snaps of the bride from Aunt Gerrite? Whatever the reason you don’t want pics like this popping up on FB with all your makeup secrets revealed. There are plenty of great products out there without light reflectors in them. Just food for thought.