Go Green?

It is St. Patties day and I am sure all of you will be headed out for some Irish food and green beverages.  So why not spice up your cutie green outfit with some Green Eyeshadow!  There is a fine line between looking fun and festive and looking like you should be a “woman of the night”.  So here are my tips for doing it correctly….

1. Use a lighter green shadow all over the lid with a brown liner.  If that is a little too bold, try a pale yellow shadow and use a green shadow with a thin liner brush as your eye liner.  It will give just a touch of green. Colors to Try: MAC Swimming, Humid or Bitter.

2. Irish women have beautiful milky skin and flushed pink cheeks.  To get the same effect even if you don’t have a last name like O'Malley, powder your face as usual and use a pretty light pink to peach blush on the apples of your cheeks.  It will look like you have been out in the green hills of Ireland.

3. It sounds crazy but MY FAVORITE lip gloss to wear with a green “color palette” is called Spring Bean from MAC.  It is like an apple green lip gloss with a little pear in it.  Or Cover Girl Wetslicks Fruit Spritzers in Lemon Splash.

4. Don’t forget about your fingernails! Use a fun Green nailpolish which you can get enexpensively at the drugstore! Just a tough of fun!

5. As always I promote glitter on any holiday!!!

Have fun everyone and be safe! Let the luck of the Irsh be with you today!