Glossa is Born!

My mom always told me that you should find a passion, something you love, your hearts desire and make it a job.  So I did.  It has been a process.  I wasn’t sure when I started the journey 9 years ago where I was going with it.  I knew I loved makeup, I was an official cosmetic junkie.  I knew I loved Theater.  I was born in the theater.  I had been on stage for so long the “behind the scenes” intrigued me at a young age.  Thus, I began theatrical makeup at 15.  With the knowledge of these two things about myself I didn’t know how they would ever play into “real life”.  5 years of education, 3 years of management, and over 10,000 hours of work in the makeup world later the birth of Glossa has made my dream a reality.  People ask me all the time “How can you live in the mid west after living in LA?” I wasn’t sure at first how to respond to that question.  The answer now is “Easily! I have Glossa there!!!” Thanks mom, for encouraging me to follow my dream and believing in me!

Great things to come!