Follow up Post for Kelley S.

Carmen had a great in home, party with client Kelley who is a past bride and her friends to celebrate a friends birthday! How great is that!! Such a wonderful idea! As a follow-up, here are some of the products that Carmen suggested for you ladies as her favorites and a few tips.  

Thanks for booking your makeup lessons with the Glossa Girls!! 

If there are any products you wish to purchase, just click on the product and an external window will pop up for Amazon. Carmen's Suggestions: 

1. Urban Decay Eye Primer - We like Sinful but we do NOT prefer the anti aging.  For best results for any eye type, the original formula is the best! 

2. NARS Radiance Primer - This primer is great if people are having issues with dullness of skin.  It adds a little sheen without adding shimmer.  

Lately the counters have been sold out of this primer 

Lately the counters have been sold out of this primer 

3. Givency Matte Primer - This primer is great for oily skin. Remember to always use primer after the skincare and before the foundation to create a smooth long wearing finish.  You most likely can order this on Saks or 

4. Eye Shadows - Bobbi Brown Champagne as a highlight shadow (light shimmer), NARS Nepal shadow for a great crease color. MAC Bronze shadow to add a little drama.  You can order these from Nordstrom or  An alternative is this palette by Laura Geller which has a lighter color similar to Champagne and a warmer neutral similar to Nepal.  Bonus, it comes with a brush! 

5. Tarte Cream Liner - Can be used in the underneath of the lash line to subtlety lift they eye or used more dramatically as a liner on top.  It depends on the application and the brush.  Brown for a more natural look, Black for more dramatic. In two formulas a pot or in a tube. 

Tips on application: Underneath - look down into the mirror and slightly lift the lashline with the opposite hand than the one you have the brush in.  Lightly press the product into the lash line to make it look darker, the Larua Mercier Flatliner brush is great for this because it is thin.  Top liner look - Use an angled brush starting in the middle stroke outward and then follow up with starting in the inner corner and meeting the line you just made in the middle.  Winged Tip - Create a line using your lower lashline as a guide and extend out and slightly up (should not go out further than your brow bone). The draw another line from the end of your wing, inward to meet the eye liner you already created.  Fill in the little gap where skin still shows.  

6. NARS Blush - Orgasm (Color) Number 1 selling blush. Has a warm peachy gold tone that brightens any complexion 

7. Foundation - She talked about two kinds of foundation. Makeup Forever makes a formula for more oily skin that she prefers.  It has a great coverage yet feels lightweight. Or the YSL Touche Eclat foundation.  Not 100% the colors, but keep in mind with foundation. you want to match to your chest.  This is the most accurate read of your whole body color to match your face. Doing so everything looks the same color instead of your face being lighter. TIPS for online ordering: Buy several shades if you can and return the ones that don't match.  

8. NARS Radiance Concealer - Typically if using it under the eyes you want to get a tiny bit lighter if you can but not too light or you will look like a raccoon.  

9. Anastasia Brow Duo Shadow and Brow Angle Brush - Tip : always best to start in the middle of the brow out and then from the outter part of the brow in, providing little strokes for the most natural look.  

10. BRUSHES! Here are Carmen's Favorite 

MAC 217 - Blending Brush, smaller and more dense bristles make it great for the crease and overall blending.  Sigma makes a similar brush at a little cheaper price so I am linking it to the picture. 

MAC 263 - The brush is very thin and it is great to use with the eyeliners above. Again, Sigma makes a similar one that I am tagging in the photo. 

MAC 252 - Great for all over color and for setting concealer under the eye. 


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