For Julie, Jessica and Mrs. W!

A few nights ago, I did a makeup lesson in home for 3 ladies. Mom, and two daughters. Each were at different stages of life and just needed minor tweaks to how they have been applying their makeup! Here are some follow up notes from our session because we talked about a LOT between the three of them! Here are the notes and all of the product links are below!


Jessica –

1.       Skincare - I suggested adding Damascus Rose Oil in the evening to balance the skin and for natural hydration. 

2.       Brow Grooming – Other than a little clean up, your brows are great! Below are the little razors I was talking about for easy and pain free clean up!

3.       Eyes – We used your pink toned eyeshadow in the pallet with the fluffy eye shadow brush that is in your set.  If you want to add some more depth to the eye, you can use the shimmery brown in the outter corner and blend inward with the fluffy brush.  Instead of using eyeliner underneath, I suggested using the angle brush with a matte brown shadow (for you, Julie and Mom actually) I listed one below. I used the brown eyeliner that you have in the lash line on the top only.  Mascara that you have if fine, I included my favorite below just so you all know.

4.       Foundation – For you, we used the Tarte 12 Hour Poreless Primer BB Cream. It is the one that is a foundation, moisturizer and primer all together. You are Light. We used the NYX concealer under the eyes and lightly if there are any spots you need it.

5.       To Set it your makeup – I suggested using the Makeup Forever HD Transparent Powder with the larger powder brush.  The travel size is just fine! It will last a long time.  Brush all over the face.

6.       Blush – I choose a brown based blush so that you can apply to the top part of the cheek bones to blend the pink in your cheeks.  The color was Smashbox True Flush. Which you can get at Sephora. It is a color in a Platte so they may have something closer individually. 

7.       Lips – I showed you a several different kinds but the one that you liked the best was the L’Oréal 117 Long wear under the gloss you have already! Which you can find at Walgreens.

Julie –

1.       Skincare – We talked about the mlisma spots and I researched a few products. Looks like things that naturally brighten age spots are Vitamin C and E and Licorice Root. Here is a website that sells several products that you can compare. This is one that I thought looked good!

2.       Concealer and Powder – Instead of the foundation we used the Bye Bye Undereye concealer in Medium on the spots we needed it and blended with the Urban Decay Blurr Brush all over the face.  To finish, we added the Palladio Botanical Powder in Nude with a brush. 

3.       Cheeks – I choose the peachier tones. I like the Smashbox Light Coral for you.

4.       Eyes – We kept your eyes simple. We used the Rose Gold in the pallet that Jessica bought you and accented in the outter corners with the matte pink in the pallet.  I added the brown matte under shadow with the angled brush instead of eyeliner (See Above) on the top for you we used the cream eyeliner and angled brush. The cream eyeliner is below and for an angled brush I would just get a cheap ELF angled brush from Target.  Mascara is my favorite listed below.

Its cheapest at ULTA 

Its cheapest at ULTA 


5.       THE BEST eye makeup remover that we talked about was the Garnier eye makeup remover.

6.       Brow – To groom your brows I used the NYX Blonde Grooming gel

7.       Lips – We talked about how your lips have a natural pink to them so lining lightly with the NYX Nude Beige Liner. 


Mrs. W –

1.       Brows – we started with your brows because this is your biggest challenge. When you do your brows first, it will frame your face so that you can do the rest of your makeup after!

-          We used 3 products for your brows – We used FIRSTthe Brow Pencil – Essence in Blonde – be sure to use light strokes starting in the middle to draw the brow out then add in the front part of the brow meeting in the middle. It is cheapest at Ulta. 

-          Then we used the brow groomer to brush through, the NYX brow gel in Blonde. (Same as Julies above)

-          After, we filled in any gaps with the Salon Perfect Brow Pomade in Dark Blonde you can get a Walmart.

2.       Then we highlighted the eye and most specifically under the brows with the highlighter. We added this under the eye as well instead of a concealer. A good one is the Urban Decay 24 Hour Concealing stick you can get at Ulta.  Any concealing stick is important. 

3.       Eyes – All over the lid we used a matte pink and in the crease we used a warm brown tone.  These colors were specifically by Two Faced cosmetics in the Chocolate Pallete. For liner, we used the gel liner and angle brush like on Julie’s makeup into the lash line (product above). Remember to try NOT to draw it on or get too much on the lid to open the eyes. 

4.       Foundation – The best for you is the Dior Hydralife, it will moisturize and keep dewy.  I would try to go to Dillards for this, have them specifically match you.  

5.       Powder – Lightly dust the HD Powder (shown above as well in Jessica's products) all over the face.

6.       Blush – Smashbox True Flush brown based blush - Sephora

7.       Lips – Nude Beige lip liner (which is cheapest at Ulta) is nice on you by NYX with a chubby stick.  It is just enough color and still moisturizing again, I would get from Dillards. 

Finally, I suggested to all of you a setting spray the All Nighter by Urban Decay.  I am also listing below a decent brush set.  

Thanks ladies for having me at your house!! I had a great time catching up! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!!