Real Talk from The Glossa Girl...

Five Things your makeup artist WISHES you would quit talking about....

By: Lyndsey Marie Yeager - @glossagirl 

I have heard a few makeup artists talk about this in our circle and I have read one blogger talk about it as well.  I feel like I may be repeating what other makeup artists have said however, the more people speak UP about it the more people will get the point to NOT TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS with your makeup artists because it shows your LACK of actual makeup artistry knowledge.  

1. BAKING - This is a "popular" technique that people have talked about all over YouTube.  Here's the REAL story on this...back in the day (when I started doing makeup 17 years ago) we learned in makeup school that you put an excessive amount of setting powder under the eyes before you do the eye makeup so that it sets the concealer really well and so when you are done doing eye makeup you can brush away any fall out from eye shadow.  Here is a NEWS FLASH for everyone...the concealers we were using were one molecule short of grease paint so they REQUIRED setting this way.  Fast forward 20 years, concealers have come a long long way and have awesome things in them to help treat under the eye area as well as cover unwanted darkness. They DO NOT require this form of setting any longer.  NEITHER DO THE HIGHLIGHTERS WE USE.  So please, stop telling us to "bake" anything on your face. It's a gimmick and actually CAN make you look older. 

2. Strobing - Who remembers MAC strobe cream from 20 years ago? WE DO! Even back then, we knew strobe cream was only appropriate for certain situations.  Highlighting with a shimmery product still, holds true it is ONLY appropriate in certain situations. If we do too much of it for your wedding day or senior pictures the flash of the camera will catch that highlight and make a glare, at a minimum you will look sweaty and that NEVER looked good on anyone but Kate Moss during fashion week.  So again, Strobing is NOTHING NEW just a gimmick by companies to reinvent the wheel.  

3. Airbrush makes you look flawless. - FALSE,  A TALENTED MAKEUP ARTIST makes you look flawless...well the best we can. We are makeup artist not magicians.  Sorry to say it, it doesn't take a lot of talent to spray foundation all over the skin.  It however DOES take a lot of talent to choose two to three foundation colors for a customized blend, applying to the different parts of your face that need different kinds of coverage, then blending them with the right techniques that it looks like all the same, at the same time making it look like you have nothing on your skin.  This is what a TRUE makeup artist should be able to do.  I remember back in the day when we had vials of Black, White, Yellow, Red, and Green and we had to MAKE FOUNDATION with these things so we can understand the components of color and how to make it work to people's benefit.  I am over this idea that picking up one shade of a "foundation" color and adding a few drops to a spray gun and pulling a trigger takes more skill. Wrong Secondly, there is the false assumption "It lasts longer" that's not a definite statement, it is a  maybe statement...MAYBE it lasts longer (refer to my post about types of airbrush foundation) but NOT TRUE ALL THE TIME. Again it depends on how knowledgeable the makeup artist is about the products they use and what's in them. What did we ever do for beauty makeup BEFORE airbrush? Guess everyone's' makeup just slid off their face. A REAL makeup artist has tricks to get the makeup to last, with or without an airbrush. 

4. "You are Caucasian, can you do makeup on darker skin tones?" - UMMMMM YES! A true makeup artist can do makeup on anyone....Red, Yellow, Brown, Pink, Purple...heck Elphaba can come in herself and we got this! A professional will ALWAYS have tones for every shade and be well schooled in how to do any face that sits in their chair. Again a TRUE makeup artist.  Some "makeup artists" aren't able to do it, so its important to not ask the makeup artist if she can or can't do a skin tone, its better to ask where they were trained.  Not in a condescending way, but in a way that shows you are curious about how they started doing makeup and that alone should give you enough information about their background to know if they have done makeup on all types OR CHECK OUT THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA AHEAD OF Time and it should give you the answer you are looking for. 

5. Contour- This is the BIGGEST ONE - believe it or not, this was a thing before the Kardashians. I have had a refillable "Highlight and Shadows" palette since 2005 from the Make Up Designory that BEATS anything out there these days.  As trained makeup artists we do this anyway. It's a don't have to ask us for it.  If we are doing a natural look (or if you have really light skin tone) we may use a few colors of foundation to achieve this effect or if we need something even more subtle we will use powders to do this...whatever way WE DECIDE HOW to do a "contouring" technique that is best for your face and skin. 

Basically, if you are going to be knowledgeable about makeup do more research than watching people on YouTube and research your artist BEFORE hiring them so you KNOW they are a professional and are going to pull out all the tricks without you having to tell the artist how to do their job.