Fall & Winter Skin Care: Tips For Perfect Skin All Season Long

With the colder months approaching, so is the season for dry skin. Here are a few tips and tricks to revamp your skin care routine, and keep the moisture in!

1. Exfoliation is Your Friend!

It may seem strange, but exfoliating is a good thing! It takes away the dead, dry skin cells and replenishes the smoothness. Make sure to use an exfoliant gentle enough not to irritate your skin, and limit your use to once or twice a week. Always remember to use a moisturizer immediately after. 


Winter winds can be harsh on your skin, causing dryness and cracking, so you always want to make sure you moisturize a few times a day. After showering or washing, while your skin is still damp, apply a lotion or body butter to your face and body - make sure you don’t skimp on places like your hands, feet, and elbows! Any product containing Lactic Acid, Glycerine, Sorbitol, or Alpha-Hydroxy Acids will attract moisture to your skin and keep it hydrated.  

A hot and FAB product is Creme de La Mer. It is on the more expensive side of pricing, but it’s magic is worth every penny! This would make a great holiday gift! 

3. Turn Down the Temp!

Every loves a nice, hot shower, especially after a cold winter day, but it’s not as good for your skin as you may think… or want. Hot water actually dehydrates skin, stripping away the natural oils. Keep temperatures down and limit your shower times to avoid drying out your beautiful skin!

4. Avoid Certain Soaps

A lot of the soaps we love, with the fun smells and pretty colors, aren’t very good for you skin. Be aware of the chemicals that are in your bars, and avoid any soaps that have a drying tendency. Products with Shea Butter, or Coconut Oil will give you the most moisture. 

A great product is L'Occitane Milk Shea Soap 

5. SPF it Up!

Just because Summer is on its way out, doesn’t mean the SPF should be, too. Remember to continue to use products with SPF to protect your skin from the Winter sun. 

6. H2O! H2O! H2O!

Water is such an important part in every aspect of your life. This definitely doesn’t exclude your beauty routine! Water intake can increase your glow, help with fine lines, and keep the moisture in your skin! Remember to drink about eight 8-ounce servings of water each day to flush out the toxins in your body that may effect your skin health.

7. Use a Humidifier

Moisture in the air is great for your skin! This winter, consider investing in a humidifier. Your skin needs more than 30% humidity to stay properly moisturized, living with a furnace or in a dry-air climate can leave fewer than 10% moisture in the air, which is so not good for your gorgeous complexion! Consider sleeping with a humidifier in your room, with the door partially, or fully closed to lock in that moisture, and wake with beautiful, hydrated skin!

8. Change Your Foundation According to the Weather

With the change in season, your beauty regime should change, as well. Update your foundation according to the weather! Instead of using a powder foundation, try switching to silkier formulas. The same rule applies to blush; replace your powder with a cream. This will help moisturize your skin, keeping the dryness and flakes away! 

Laura Mercier’s Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide Foundation & Giorgio Armani’s Lasting Silk UV Foundation are two of our FAB FAVES! 

9. Don’t Forget Your Vitamins!

What you put inside your body is just as important to your skin health and what you put on the outside. Daily vitamins and fish oils should be a part of your every day routine to keep skin fresh and fabulous! 

10. Bundle Up!

Ladies, sexy doesn’t mean showing off your skin at all times. You can still accomplish a chic and sexy look by wearing more and covering up! Layering your clothing and accessorizing with cute scarves and some designer gloves will keep you warm and keep your skin protected! 

Keep all of these tips in mind while the seasons change to keep your skin bright and beautiful!