Fall Brides - The Perfect Palette

The leaves are changing, Holidays are creeping up, and pumpkin-flavored EVERYTHING is out! Yep, it’s Fall! It’s also round 2 of wedding season for the year. Fall weddings are beautiful, with the colors and the styles of dresses, flowers, and of course, makeup! 

Here are the Top 10 colors for this year’s Fall weddings!

1. Cranberry

This is such a beautiful color! It’s rich, elegant, and can be bold against anything white! You can pair this color agains a neutral, or spice it up with a blue accent! It’s perfect for the season! 

2. Camel

The move away from white as a neutral is speeding up! Enhancing your look with an off-white or camel color is so in right now! The color can be paired with any other color to give it a bold look for your big day! 

3. Bronze

While we are on the topic of neutrals, we have to mention bronze! It’s so original, with it’s warmth and rich attributes. It will be sure to give your wedding the interesting twist you are looking for!

4. Teal

Shades of blue are always the fan faves for weddings, but let’s give blue a twist! Teal is a great color if you are a bride who loves her jewels! This color works nicely with nautical schemes, pairing it with other jewel-inspired colors such as emerald!

5. Mustard

Mustard is not just a condiment, it’s a beautiful color that works very nicely for Autumn. It has a resemblance of gold, making it rich and plush. You can give your wedding a look of sophistication by pairing this color with soft shades like Ivory or even softer shades of another yellow.

6. Sangria

Break out the wine, it’s Sangria time! What a vibrant way to celebrate! This shade of purple is gorgeous and reflects Radiant Orchid - this year’s color of the year! Pair this with a darker shade, like plum, or something opposite the color wheel, like mustard, for a fab color scheme!

7. Navy Blue

Always a bride’s top pick! Navy Blue works well if you are going for a more sophisticated, bourgeois look. This color flatters almost everyone, and can be a slimming fit for a bridesmaid dress. Try pairing this with something neutral, such as white or grey. Or if you want more POP, try pairing it with a green or a deep red. 

8. Mauve

Since purple is big this year, try this muted shade! It’s definitely increasing in popularity among weddings this Fall, and we love it! Its soft undertones work beautifully for the season. Try pairing it with other purples, or pinks, or throw in a bold color like burgundy!

9. Light Sage

Light green tones are booming this year! They’re beautiful with their Earthy, coziness! These shades are super trendy and oh-so-chic, making you a stand-out bride! Pair this color with soft pinks and neutrals for a great Fall look!

10. Pumpkin

Last, but certainly not least, everyone’s favorite everything for the season - PUMPKIN! once the first leaf falls, pumpkin is everywhere - in our coffee, our candles, and our pies. Why not include it in your day!? This shade truly compliments the season, bringing a warm glow to every aspect of the day. Try pairing this spicy shade with a muted color to really make your pumpkin pop!