DIY Manicure

Don't have the time or the $ to go to the salon every other day this holiday season? Do it at home!!

Step 1 - Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water to soften the cuticals. Adding a little olive oil helps moisturize when you swish it around.

Step 2 - Exfoliate with white sugar and a drop of hand soap and rinse. Moisturize with a hand lotion or hand cream for best feeling hands. (Kheils Men's Hand Cream is my fav and only $12!) 

Step 3 - Push back cuticals with a manicure "orange stick" but if you don't have one, use a popsicle stick. Use a cuticle remover like the Sally Hanson paint on kind if your cuticles are bad lol

Step 4 - Paint! At the holiday times I thing it's hard to maintain a color or French because of chipping. So my suggestion if this is your problem too, do a pretty Glitter polish! It stays on longer and if it chips you can't even tell!! Top coat, clear is really important for making the Polish last as well. 

If you DO have time to pamper yourself, call Carrie to do your nails in Ludlow, KY (3 miles outside of Downtown Cincinnsti) her rates are SUPER affordable, she runs her own business so she can accomodate you at any time AND she does an awesome job!! Her number is, 859-750-0447....tell her Lyndsey sent ya!