Displaying your priorities

Sometimes as women we feel completely overwhelms with everything we have to do. So even basic things end up feeling like a huge burden. One thing someone had me do years ago was this activity to clearly identify what is and what is NOT important in my life. I encourage all of you all to this exercise and revisit frequently. I am a visual learner so it helps me to see this to put things into perspective.


WHAT you need: Large Mason Jar, 3 pack golf balls, 10 small rocks and 3 cups of sand. 

on a piece of paper list your top 3 priorities (mine are Serving God, My family and my career) then beside each "ball" on your list, mark down the top things you need to do for each. Put the golf balls in the JAR and observe how much space they consume. The top things in your life should take up the most space.

Next mark down 10 things you would like to work on in your life. Like mine are 1.Making time for friends 2. Joining Moms groups 3. Teaching a lily about commiunity service 5. Cooking more 6. Dance 7. Reading more 8. Working on my masters 9. Engaging more with "distant" family 10. Meditation practice 

With each thing fill your jar with these 10 things, on your paper write the ways you are going to work it into your jar. For example 1. Making time for friends (I put on my calender to reach out by phone or email to a friend and invite them to make plans or simply catch up) 2. Moms groups are important to me to be with women that relate to mommy struggles so I scheduled one every week on Tuesday and the other is more flexible but commited to attending 2 events a month. 5. Cooking more - got on pintrest, printed out recipes I want to try and post a "menu" in my kitchen to commit to making why I say I am going to. If I don't end up making it and we eat out, I don't sweat it but posting it and having the recipes easier available makes me more accountable. 

Finally, slowly pour in the sand. As your pouring think of all the "filler" things you do that aren't really a priority in your life and let it go. If there are things that come upon you that aren't on your lost don't put much effort into it. For example, making your mother in law happy by taking the kids to her church for breakfast with santa. Well, if she doesn't want to come get them or it doesn't fit into your schedule say no. Simply not on your list. Lol sometimes to preserve yourself you have to say no. 

Look at your lists and your jar and when you have a solid plan things seem much more put together.