oK, GOT THE BODY taken care of your like Lyndsey, how does this help the INSIDE of me....most likely you actually will feel like crap and moody.  Here are some things to keep your SPIRIT CLEANSING as well. 

1. CRY - Seriously, allow yourself to cry without reason and question.  90% of us bottle the emotion up thinking its a sign of weakness and its like a volcano. If you don't let it out it will built up until you cant take it any more.  If you CANT cry, watch a sappy movie or laugh until you cry. GET IT OUT whatever way you can (without calling harm to yourself of course)

2. Make a LIST of people in your life....make 2 columns - One for "Positive" people and one for "negative" people.  When you need a perk up in life, call one of those positive people...remind yourself EVERYDAY who the negative people are in your life and avoid them or minimize communication with them.  Put on your "negative shield on" tell yourself, "you will not penetrate my force field of positivity. 

3. TANK EMPTY? Fill up! GO to where people are going to be the most positive for you.  Is that a community Group? I go to a MOMS group when I need to be around people who understand me.  Is it a church group? Group of Girlfriends?  Retirement home to listen to the elderly talk...Go wherever the atmosphere will fill up your spiritual tank.

4. Create a more intimate encounter with someone you respect to talk to them about everything you are going through.  Have them pour into you the hopes, thoughts and inspirations they have for you in your life. Don't have anyone like this in your life? Look at hiring a Spiritual Advisor, Counselor or life coach.  You need SOMEONE on your side. 

5. Give Gratitude....things are not going to be perfect, things are not going to be easy but that old saying "it could always be worse" is SO true.  SIT AND GIVE GRATITUDE for the things you DO have going for you or in your life. Sit quietly with your eyes closed and focus on all the blessings you DO have and say them out loud.  Remind yourself how fortunate you are in spite of everything that may be going wrong.