DETOX - Day 21 - 25 of Inside Out

The last 5 days of Inside Out I wanted to deticate to a detox.  I feel that in order to move forward you have to jump start your body and spirit to let go of the old and move forward with the new. After all that has been the whole point of this 25 day transformation of Inside Out.  So to conclude, I wanted to give some suggestions on how to Detox. 

First, by saying "Detox" people automatically think of those crazy juice diets and "loosing weight" although sometimes this is the case, MOSTLY detox means to get rid of the "old crap" we put in our bodies and start fresh.  So to JUMP STARTyour "NEW YEAR, SAME YOU, NEW PERSPECTIVE" - our next campaign -  I encourage you to detox from the holiday junk.  Detox from Alcohol, Sugar, Processed Foods and BAD HABITS (like Soda and fast food).

1. Eating - Click below for a 5 day EASY sample menu - It mentions Protein Powder a lot. I suggest 3 kinds - 1. Isagenix - GREAT PRODUCT, 2. Dymatize Iso - Tastes good and scientifically formulated 3. Fit Miss - woks well for women

2. WORK OUT- You need to SWEAT to get the crap out!!! Include some simple daily movements at home! (See Below)

3. Supplements: This can be an expensive part so here are the ones that I suggest. A. Milk Thistle - This detoxes the liver which is important after a season of drinking B. Apple Cider Vinegar (With the Mother in it, Braggs) 1 Table Spoon a morning 3. Probiotics - REALLY important to replenish the goof flora in the gut - If you wanted to do a "colon flush" I found one at Walgreens that is really good. Not severe and it works well. Has ginger in peppermint in it to be gentle on the stomach. 

4. Take a bath in Epsom Salts, this helps detox as well. 


Workout 1.jpg